Her favorite thing about her looks is her smile (and you can see why).

S.I. proves that they still have an eye for break-out talent, with their jinx-proof selection of UCLA’s Elise as their Cheerleader of the Week

Cheryl Tiegs, Christie Brinkley, Paulina Porizkova, UCLA’s Brianna, and now UCLA’s Elise  —  Just a few of the legends in the Pantheon of Godesses immortalized by Sports Illustrated.

As brought to our attention by a couple of friends, SI.com is currently featuring a 16-photo pictorial of UCLA Dance Team’s Elise, their Cheerleader of the Week.  Our sincere congratulations go out to Elise, for the exposure, and for all the richly-deserved recognition that she is certain to accumulate now.

Their photos look like they were taken at the same photo shoot as the shots they used when Brianna was the reigning COTW (thank goodness for the “the”).  But that’s okay, because it was a righteous shoot.  Some of the shots are at the beach (sorry, no bikinis), so it’s a perfect Blockbuster way to kick off the Summer.

And in honor of Elise being Princess for a Week, here are nine, more candid, pics from last season’s Cal game.  They all have mouse-over captions, and more importantly, you can zoom in, by clicking on the pics.

  None of SI’s shots are partially blocked by people applauding.

 Looks like SI got smart the same week that “Get Smart” came out.

Sax in the City

When we checked her out on SI, the banner ad was for teeth whitening strips (cuz readers feel inadequate after seeing Elise?).

And you still wonder why Recruiting has improved lately?

I’ve never looked forward to Labor Day so much.

If Supermodels could dance.

S.I. could cover a lot of “Weeks” from UCLA’s talent pool.

Last one for today — Congrats again to Elise!


4 responses to “ELISE UNLEASHED”

  1. JP Avatar

    She’s definitely one of our Hall of Famers. As for Sports Illustrated, it seems that when they did the feature on Brianna, they had already decided that they were also going to do Elise a few months later. I’m sure after seeing our girls, they couldn’t resist. They must get so many hits on their websites.

    But I’m proud of Elise. She does a great job representing our squad. Congrats to her on this duly deserved publicity!

  2. Soulja Avatar

    Hey hey! Way to… [content edited] Stay strong!

    [T-H’s Note: Dude — Are you trying to ruin it for everyone? Sssshhh!]

  3. RR Avatar

    Damn that last picture t-h
    You’re starting to get aggressive on us 🙁

    But damn Elise has it going on; she’s going out with K.Love and she’s representing UCLA right. WoO woo!

  4. JC Avatar

    The UCLA Dance Team is full of classy, beautiful young women. Maybe we can look forward to SI.com featuring more members in the future. Congrats to Elise, Brianna, and all!!