Despite u$c’s preseason hype and the uncertainty about UCLA’s new Coach, the Bruins are now shockingly ranked higher than the trojans, for the first time in almost a dozen years

Where’s Matt Leinart — and his “F*ck the BCS” t-shirt — now that the trojans need him?

For the first time since 2001, UCLA is ranked higher than u$c in the BCS and Associated Press Polls.  The Bruins are 18 to sc’s 19 in the BCS, and 17 to 21 in the AP.  The Bruins are 7-2 on the season to sc’s 6-3, and sc is coming off consecutive losses where their Defense got absolutely torched.

Bruin fans should enjoy this while they can, because the Bruins have a trap game in the tough, icy environment of Washington State coming up.  WSU’s record is so bad, that tripping up next Saturday would send the Bruins toppling downwards, well below the trojans.  Then, on the 17th, the Bruins face the trojans head-to-head.  Don’t let the last two weeks fool you — The trojans’ more-than-formidable Offense could easily put another 50 points on UCLA, just like the same players did last year.  It’s possible that the Bruins could also break 50, but I think sc has a better chance of it.

The hope is that sc is demoralized and has little to play for now, but the Rivalry Game will probably get the trojans fired up enough to dial up a big effort.  My point is that I am not going to get excited about the Rankings.  It’s fun, and worth momentarily celebrating, but it does NOT mean UCLA should be favored on the 17th.

But first things first:  If the Bruins don’t BRING IT on the 10th, they will lose all their momentum, and have an even tougher time the following week.


4 responses to “ELECTILE DYSFUNCTION?”

  1. UCLADal Avatar

    Right On T-H! GO BRUINS!

  2. dswenson Avatar

    Same old same old about the cheating! How does St. Pat and his bunch of jerks, to put it nicely, get away with this year after year after year? Any other school would be given the death penalty which is what should have happened to them in the first place. John Mc Kay’s legacy lives on with Haden. What a bunch of –
    cheaters! GO BRUINS!!!!

  3. Ken Avatar

    Now the TrOJans can’t even cheat right. Death to Troy.