Head of the Class:  It’s okay to wear an “A” on your chest, as long as it’s preceded by “UCL” (and not in scarlet)

What is it with Football Reporters (especially on the Internet) and GRADES?  Everyone wants to be the Teacher, finally turning the tables, and doling out letter grades to someone else.  Even Rahim Moore mentioned these Grades after the Houston game.  He said that the Bruin Defense had seen the [LOW] letter grades that they had been receiving, and they took it personally.  They came out on Saturday night on a mission, to prove all the doubters wrong… and they succeeded.

Speaking of doubters, many readers here thought that the 2010 UCLA Spirit Squad would not be able to compare to the 2009 Squad.  Well, I’ve got a letter grade for you — A+.  And you can’t really complain that one A+ can’t compare to another A+… unless you are talking about an A+ given to a trojan Football player for a bogus Spanish course at L.A. Trade Tech, or for a Ballroom Dancing Class.

Here are 34 more UCLA Cheerleader Photos from Saturday.  We all miss Katie, Brianna, Elise, and the rest of the departed Bruins graduates, but the 2010 group is Honors Collegium/Dean’s List/Ivy League all the way, and the proof is in the (hasty) pudding.


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  1. Richard Avatar

    Looks like USC has good looking girls this season:)

    [T-H’s Note: Masquerading as players?]