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Did you think only GILLIGAN’S Island had Headhunters?

Ma-halo Victory:  Favored by 21 in Hawaii, usc spears the Warriors by only 13, giving up 36 points and 588 yards despite knocking out Hawaii’s QB with a savage blow to the head

The trOJans are still getting away with Murder.  Like an old re-run, some things never change.

In Honolulu on Thursday night, the University of Sanctioned Cheaters, aka usc, was flagged for 11 penalties for 100 yards… but the most egregious violation went unpunished.  In the 3rd Quarter, with the game still very much within reach, Hawaii QB Bryant Moniz took a forearm strike directly to the head that knocked him out of the game.  The Referees MISSED IT, thinking that that actual hit was to Moniz’ CHEST.  But Replays (and the ESPN Commentator) confirmed that the “tackle”by Michael Morgan was nothing more than a VICIOUS attempt to remove Moniz’ head from his body.

The Warriors went on to score right after that, and the THIRD-STRING Quarterback almost rescued Hawaii, so the dirty hit is NOT the REASON why the trojans won.  The trojans won because they dramatically outweigh, outsize, and out-talent Hawaii in almost every facet of the game.

Only usc could stop usc’s Offense.  Hawaii’s Defense didn’t have a prayer.  Or a clue.  They allowed Matt Barkley to repeatedly find his only experienced Wide Out Ronald Johnson, the two hooking up for 3 TD’s.  Johnson added a fluke Punt Return TD, when the coverage ran past the kick, expecting a fair catch.

Barkley, who threw 5 TD passes, was truly impressive, especially at the beginning, when he completed 11 of his first 12 passes.  But the trojan line was giving him plenty of time, and his Receivers were getting open by exploiting blatant mismatches.  Also helping the Passing Game was the fact that Running Back Marc Tyler was equally impressive on the Ground.  Tyler gained 154 yards, but really, it looked like one of those high school highlight reels, where one team is just too small to compete.  U$C vs. Hawaii LOOKED like a Pro team against a College team… probably because IT WAS.  Allen Bradford and C.J. Gable also blew threw the holes for big gains, so Tyler’s success may be slightly misleading — It may just be that the Hawaii Defense is horrible.  Usually, it took trojan penalties, or a fumble, to keep sc from reaching the end zone.

Either way, Lane Kiffin’s Offense is not the problem.  Surprisingly, it is MONTE Kiffin’s DEFENSE that has ESPN analysts scratching their heads and knee-jerk trojan fans wondering if maybe Football has passed the 70-year-old Kiffin by.  The trojans missed tackles as expected, due to their non-contact practices, but they also missed coverage assignments galore.  Big Underdog Hawaii had a ton of big plays to stay in the game for 56 minutes.  And what Lane complained about after the game was the penalties, including a late hit on the QB that he mentioned specifically.

Therefore, since the Weather’s Getting Rough, look for sc to quickly reduce the number of penalties they incur during their next Three Hour Tour, or their Tiny Ship will be Tossed.  With Pat “The Skipper” Haden watching over his Little Buddy Lane “Gilligan” Kiffin, they will get Monte “The Professor” Kiffin on board.  Of course they’re all there because of “The Millionaire” (Jerry Buss).  And if you were wondering, “the Movie Star” is Will Ferrell, in drag.   

"Did you think only GILLIGAN’S Island had Headhunters?" was published on September 3rd, 2010 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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  1. Jake wrote,

    I admit their offense looked good, as for the penalties… thats on the coaching lol kiffin has no control.. but football is football, they hit hard ….. sometimes in the head

  2. JR wrote,

    I am just curious…

    you stated that “Bryant Moniz took a forearm strike directly to the head that knocked him out of the game. The Referees MISSED IT, thinking that that actual hit was to Moniz’ CHEST. But Replays (and the ESPN Commentator) confirmed that the “tackle”by Michael Morgan was nothing more than a VICIOUS attempt to remove Moniz’ head from his body.”

    Morgans arms were spread apart to attempt to wrap up, Monitz went in head first, instead of sliding, and, neither Morgan’s arm or helmet hit Monitz’ head. Monitz lowered his head and went left, while Morgan was moving to his own left (Montiz’ right)

    Monitz went headfirst into Morgans right chest and shoulder pad, and he knew he was going to because he put his hand up

    sorry friend…you may hate the trojans, and that is your right, but you have no right to lie about the facts…and you definitely need glasses.

    It was clean, there was no forearm to the head and no helmet to helmet.

    Admit that you were wrong…after you examine this picture sequence.

    as you can see in picture two, Morgan’s arms are spread wide, to wrap up, nowhere near Monitz face.

    Picture two proves it all, Monitz face into Morgan’s shoulder and chest with *MONITZ* hand and arm being the one striking Morgan first!!! Do you not see that? where is the “FOREARM STRIKE DIRECTLY TO THE HEAD” as you called it?

    picture two shows clearly the moment of impact…Monitz face and hand are contacting Morgan, Morgan’s right arm is, as you can see, clearly wide and to the right, *AROUND* Monitz’ shoulder at the time of impact, nowhere near Monitz’ head…and, you can see Morgan’s other arm (left), by seeing his left hand silhouhetted against the white pant leg of the other Hawaii player…that arm, as you can see, is nowhere even *remotely* near Monitz’ head at the time of impact.

    so, where, please is the “FOREARM STRIKE DIRECTLY TO THE HEAD”? please show me.

    i assume you see Monitz head and hand/arm contacting Morgan, so where, tell me, is Morgan’s “forearm”?

    I’ll assume you know what a forearm is, yes? So, which forearm was it? Morgan’s right or left which made the strike “DIRECTLY TO THE HEAD”

    picture three clearly shoes Monitz head impacting Morgan’s shoulder and chest, with Morgan’s right arm *AROUND* where Monitz head is, not in front of it, and MOrgan’s left arm is not even in there yet…and finally picture four, shows Morgan’s arms coming together to *WRAP-UP*, yet Monitz is not there any longer since he goes straight down after his head hits morgan’s chest and shoulder pad with his *FACE*

    Again, you may hate USC, but put that aside, and look at the facts. If Reggie Carter did that to Matt Barkley, you would be howling with delight at what an awesome and clean hit it was…and you would be correct.

    Because it was a CLEAN hit. Even your hatred of SC cannot change what your eyes see in front of you.

    There was no “Headhunter” in that play

    At least be adult enough to admit it.

    thank you

    [T-H’s Note: Without studying the links, I’ll say that it was the ESPN announcer who called it a forearm shiv to the head, and that (or helmet-to-helmet) is what it looked like in real time. I wouldn’t lie, any more than the announcer would. It’s on tape and millions of people saw it, so I wouldn’t be motivated to lie about it. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I honestly THOUGHT that I saw the same thing that the announcer saw. I can’t check the links, because they could be trojan horses, but I am being “adult” by “approving” this comment for publication, as opposed to deleting it. Sure, I could be wrong based on frame-by-frame analysis, but anyone who sees it in real time would have to accept the possibility that it was a shot to the head. Also, Moniz’ reaction looked NOT like he had the wind knocked out of him, but more like he was concussed. Of course, I am NOT a Doctor (but I did stay at a Holiday Inn once).]

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