No-Brainer — U$C’s Appeal of their NCAA Sanctions has been denied (according to the L.A. Times), with the Official announcement coming tomorrow

According to sources of the L.A. Times, THE DECISION is in, and it does not look good for the trojans.  Apparently, the NCAA has found NO SYMPATHY for the trojan-devils, and will therefore sustain all the penalties that were levied against usc last year.  That means NO BOWL for their Football team again this year, and NO REDUCTION of lost scholarships for the next three years.

Athletic Director Pat Haden, who has since replaced the disgraced Mike Garrett, has promised that they will NOT challenge this new decision in a court of law — Instead, sc will just roll over and TAKE THEIR MEDICINE.

I will bring you more details on this story, if there are any, when they arise tomorrow.  Maybe some trojan upperclassmen will transfer, in order to live out their dreams of playing in a Bowl game?  Maybe Mike Garrett, Pete Carroll, Reggie Bush, or O.J. Mayo will utter some more brainless B.S.?  All I know is that for once, the old adage “Crime Doesn’t Pay” is finally accurate.


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  1. dswenson Avatar

    With $c’s BB and FB teams not making grades, does this mean that they are on “double secret probation”? Maybe St. Pat should tell them about Sra. Ross’s Spanish class!