At least he gave the Beavers their due in the Postgame interviews.  FOR ONCE!!

 Beaver-shot:  Vastly over-rated trojans get holes exposed by 25-point underdog Oregon State in 27-21 loss that prematurely terminates sc’s Title talk

This was SUPPOSED to be an article about trojan Football recruit Maurice Simmons getting sentenced to FOUR YEARS in jail for his part in an Armed Robbery… but instead, it has to be about Pete Carroll’s CURRENT gang, getting sentenced to be nothing but also-rans in this year’s BCS battle.

While Simmons’ near-maximum sentence is shocking — don’t they OWN the PO-lice? — it’s not nearly as stunning as what happened on Thursday night, in front of a National ESPN audience.  The overconfident trojans went into Corvallis and got their asses handed to them by the lowly. 1-2 Beavers, falling behind 21-0 at Halftime.  Not to say that Simmons — whose Lawyer asked for Probation(!) — would have fit right in, but one of OSU’s TD’s followed a penalty on Averill Spicer of sc, for punching a guy in the face after a play was over.

The trojans mounted a comeback, cutting the lead to 21-14, but a huge Marc Sanchoke Interception in the final minutes put the trojans in a 13-point hole.  Little Beaver Running Back Jacquizz “Quiz” Rodgers, who is 5′ 6″, gained 186 yards on the ground against usc.  You know why?  Because when the sc coaches yelled “Pop Quiz!” all the players ran in the other direction.

And you should have SEEN them run in the other direction when thousands of orange-clad fans stromed the field with 23 seconds left in the game.  The whole field was covered in an Orange frenzy, while the trojans ran for their lives like scared kittens.

Two years ago, the last time the trojans were in Corvallis, they lost also, and, back in 1967, OSU beat another over-rated #1 sc squad — the one with O.J.  Apparently, the trojans really have a soft spot for the Beavs.

The “experts” are now saying that sc is essentially OUT of the BCS Title Race, due to the fact that there are no other Ranked teams in the Pac-10, so sc won’t have a chance to truly impress voters with a “quality” win.  However, just like the last couple of years, a lot of top teams could lose a game or two, letting sc slip in the backdoor, despite the Beavers.

So maybe this loss was not FATAL, but perhaps the REAL Death Penalty will be Coming Soon, with the Bush and Mayo cases just about to boil over.

Call it obligatory.


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  1. SVCA to SCMO Avatar
    SVCA to SCMO

    Screw sc. Their choke jobs are no longer big news, like the media would have you think. They are now a regular occurance. The Pac-10 does not fear them, especially when they are on the road.

    Talk about something more important to UCLA fans. Give us your uncensored thoughts about the controversial topic of UCLA marketing the FSU football game in Fresno, encouraging Fresno-area residents to come to the game. Smart marketing ploy, or an insult to the UCLA players by lessing their home field advantage, covered up by a lie when saying the marketing was to get the “UCLA fans in the central valley”??

    I don’t like it. No matter how much money comes in from the game, it LOOKS bad, especially after the Rose Bowl humiliation with Wisconsin not too long ago.

  2. Fox 71 Avatar
    Fox 71

    “Pop Quiz” was a good one.

    One note about the ncaa (use of lower case letters intentional.) There was an article in Yahoo sports yesterday (I think it was yesterday) about how the ncaa has gone out of the enforcement business except for schools like Sam Houston State. It looks like the trOJans have bought their way out of another jam. I’m not good at linking, but if you can link to the Yahoo article, I think your readers would be interested.

  3. JosephineBruin Avatar

    POP QUIZ like it!

  4. Ken S Avatar
    Ken S

    I loved watcing uscum choke on the Hair of the Beavers.