U$C Head Coach Steve Sarkissian gets called out by one of his Black players for being a Racist and treating him like a slave

Excuse me… Coach Sarkissian — Is it okay if I bring a Black person to one of your games?

Okay, so let me get this straight — ESPN announces that u$c is a “clown college,” and THEN, AFTER THAT, a trojan Football player Tweets that his Head Coach is a Racist?  Wow.  I don’t know what is lower than “clown college,” but whatever it is, it is now defined by the University of Southern Cal.

Recently trojan Running Back Anthony Brown, who is Black, took a meeting with his Head Coach Steve Sarkissian.  Alledgedly, Sark jumped all over Brown, hurling F-bombs at him, and calling him a F*cking Coward just for entering the Coach’s office.  Brown has now QUIT THE TEAM, claiming that Sarkissian treated him like a slave, even disparaging his parents with racial overtones.  Brown Tweeted that he refuses to play for a Racist.

After this Tweet made it to National Media prominence, Sarkissian quickly went into full damage control mode.  Sark insists that he is not a Racist (just like Donald Sterling does), and that Brown’s claim is ridiculous.  Sark challenged the Media to come to campus and ask anyone in the Athletic Department whether Sarkissian is actually a Racist.  Oh Lord… If I could play some music here, it would be that classic  circus clown  theme song that every TV show plays whenever they show clowns or the circus:  “Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo; Doo doo doo-doo doo-doo doo doo doo doo,..”  You might remember the jingle from when Homer Simpson was obsessed with attending a clown college, and he goes on to be a Krusty the Klown lookalike.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I realize that Brown is probably just a disgruntled trojan who wanted more playing time, quit in a huff, and decided to lash out psychotically at the guy who cut his ass, and that Sark is not a Racist.  How could you run a Program like South Central U. Football if you hated Black people?  In fact if Sark were prejudiced, he wouldn’t have been so gullible when Josh Shaw denied being a burglary suspect by concocting a fabrication about heroically saving a little boy from drowning.  But does it really matter whether or not Sark is really the next Donald Sterling?  The point is that the whole trojan program is a National Joke now, with back-to-back embarrassments in two days that are both at the top of ESPN’s National Headlines simultaneously.  The whole World is finally coming to the realization about SC that I have been trying to tell you for decades.  As Bruce Willis says to the Twinkie Cop at Nakatomi Plaza in “Die Hard:”  “Welcome to the party, pal!!”



  1. JC Avatar

    sc is practically BEGGING UCLA to “own” L.A. UCLA has made great strides under Mora, including their victories the last two years over sc. However, they have to take the final step, and win the Pac12 for the first time in SIXTEEN years, something Fig Tech has done (legally or not) seven times in the meantime. Only then will UCLA’s claims of owning anything have any meaning.

    This year is UCLA’s best shot at national prominence, and local dominance, since 1998. The pressure on them this year is IMMENSE! Mora will need to keep the team calm and focused in every game.

    Welcome to the party, indeed!

  2. DJ Avatar

    I agree with your last paragraph. This incident is not so much an indictment of Sark as it is an indication of the quality of individual that South Central continues to give free education to. The fact that Brown believes that getting a free education and getting to play football and getting yelled at sometimes is akin to slavery, is more about today’s youth thinking true oppression is “people are mean to me.”

    Don’t get me wrong. I hope Sark continues the tradition established by Kiffin of recruiting the biggest clowns he can find, but in this case, I actually am shaking my head and feeling almost sorry for what Ringleader Sark is having to deal with at the South Central circus.

    Go Bruins!