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Good Coop, Bad Coop:  USC Women’s Basketball Head Coach (and ex-Laker) Michael Cooper celebrates his team’s win over the Bruins at his Press Conference by saying:  “My opening statement is ‘F*ck UCLA!'”

Just call me “The Coop Nazi” if you like, but Michael Cooper “needs persecutin’.”  USC should soon be self-imposing some more sanctions, once they get together to figure out how to spin this.

After the trojans’ women’s team beat UCLA in Galen on Sunday, the former Laker took the microphone at his postgame Press Conference, and showed everyone why he is a perfect fit with usc:  He said “F*ck UCLA!” like he was a drunken co-ed. 

As coaches go, John Wooden, he’s not.

Have you ever heard of a Head Coach of a so-called “major” so-called University use the F Word in reference to thier Rival University?  It might be allowable at a Booster’s Club meeting, or maybe even at a Bonfire, but not in a Press Conference.  It looks like Cooper is trying to help pick up the slack now that lowlife Pete Carroll has skipped out on Figueroa Tech.  Remember it was Pete who was caught on camera screaming “F*ck You!” at the then-Head Coach of Oregon Mike Belotti, DURING A GAME.  And when it comes to being a Bad Winner, Pete wrote the book.  His last big over-the-top celebration came right after his “take-a-knee-throw-a-bomb” strategy worked to perfection against UCLA, and almost started a riot.

But not even Pete has ever told the Media “F*ck UCLA,” proudly, in those exact words.  And when Pete cussed out Belotti, it was in the heat of battle.  Cooper’s trailer-trash move came well after a ballgame was over, when he had plenty of time to think about what he was going to say.

Cooper made his choice, and has instantly become a trojan for life, even though he went to New Mexico, not SC.  Too bad, that Bruin fans who happen to be longtime Laker fans can no longer respect a player from the Magic-Kareem Showtime Era.

Ode to Coop 

There once was a Laker named Cooper
Who I thought was SO super-duper
But he’s NOW at SC
Dropping F-bombs at ME
What a SHAME that his head’s up his pooper.

Yeah, I know —  A really LOW CLASS Limerick in an article complaining about a guy’s lack of class.  But I’m not a Head Coach, representing a University as a supposed educator of youth.

Let’s see if Mike Garrett does anything to Cooper, or if he instead ignores the incident, thereby condoning Cooper’s unprofessionalism.  Then the NCAA can take note — More of Garrett and his Department ignoring Sportsmanship, Integrity, and basic Decency.  It all falls under the same umbrella:  Lack of Institutional Control.  Maybe the Women of Troy will lose a couple of scholies… and a Coach — Two Girls, One Coop.

And in closing, as every severely hardcore Bruin fan is thinking right now:  “F*ck Michael Cooper!”

"CLASS FLIES THE COOP, AS SC’S COOPER STOOPS TO AN ALL-TIME LOW" was published on January 19th, 2010 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side.


  1. JeffE wrote,

    Another reason why i am this close to becoming an ex-laker fan. Jerry Buss is bad enough. Now Coop?

  2. tswenson wrote,

    Agree. It is too bad that Jerry Buss owns the Lakers. And, it is too bad that Michael Cooper has a mouth.

  3. kacey wrote,

    Bruins crush SC!

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