Superhero vs. Superhero — As Marvel’s latest comic book movie dominates the box office, it’s time to marvel at some more heroines with the superpower of being world-class knockouts who will be Captains of American Industry in the years to come, as they competed against one another, for slots on the UCLA Spirit Squad

So… I went to a private Industry screening of Captain America – Civil War on Saturday night, but the sound went out 30 minutes into it, and the screening was cancelled.  So I can’t vouch for the whole movie, but the start was good.  And most of my friends who’ve seen the whole thing are giving it good reviews.  That fact, plus Marvel’s track record, make it a pretty safe bet.  If you prefer a thriller with a surprising amount of humor, I can definitely recommend “Money Monster,” which is Jodie Foster’s well-directed hostage film starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts.  And if you want straight comedy on the silly side, and if you like Key & Peele and kitty cats, go see Keanu, which is chock full of chuckles.

If you prefer to watch a Blu-Ray, try “Deadpool,” which was released recently, and is Marvel’s funniest and raunchiest superhero movie to date.  But if you want to just sit where you are and admire beautiful, intelligent, and talented UCLA students who tried out for the UCLA Cheer Squad on Mothers Day, you are in luck.

Here are 60 more photos from that event…  These were are selected from the first 162 (of 1620) photos, so they are all from the Cheer Squad auditions.  I will continue to go through the collection, posting many more, eventually getting to the Dance Team auditions as well.