All That — No need to Canonize the photographer, because it doesn’t take any Talent to make these girls look stunning

Nick Cannon is an eminently successful producer, recording artist, actor, and host — of a host of shows including “America’s Got Talent” and “Caught On Camera with Nick Cannon.”  He is also well known in pop culture for marrying pop icon Mariah Carey.  Sadly, for their twins and themselves, the pair divorced last year, but Nick still thrives in the business, hosting TV shows as well as  maintaining gigs with Nickelodeon and Radio Shack.

Cannon makes it clear that he still loves his ex-wife, and why wouldn’t he?  I’ve never met HIM, but I HAVE met and worked with Mariah, on the TV show “Ally McBeal,” and she was sweet, pleasant, and tried her best to be a professional actress.  She was beautiful up close in person, and I am guessing that Nick cherishes the six years they were married, as well as the kids they had together.

So what does all this have to do with UCLA, or the Spirit Squad Auditions?  Well… absolutely nothing.  Except that his show’s title –with only a two-letter tweak — fits as a decent title for this article, because I used a Canon camera to catch all these shots.  Besides, I had nothing pertinent, nor any good current events, to discuss.  The top movie is “Angry Birds,” which I can barely fathom, and which I couldn’t “pun” into a fitting headline.  At least it’s good for McDonald’s, which hooked up with the film for marketing purposes, and has Angry Bird Happy Meals.  As a McStockholder with other family ties to the Corporation, I couldn’t be happier with the movie’s success.  But still, it didn’t translate to an article headline that could accompany these photos.

That left one other possibility:  UCLA’s own Russell Westbrook leading Oklahoma City to an obliteration of Golden State in Game 3 of the NBA Western Conference Finals, scoring 30, with 12 Assists and 8 Rebounds.  The Thunder did to the Warriors what the Angry Birds do to their rival piggies on millions of smartphones around the world every day.  However — I don’t want to get too excited about Westbrook, or about Kevin Love in the East, just in case their teams come from ahead to lose their respective series.  So I will wait on that until they clinch their conference titles.

So… it’s back to the Cannon/Canon/Carey conundrum.  I’m not that worried about the lack of pertinence — I am pretty sure that 99% of you skip all this text and scroll directly to the photos anyway, and I can’t blame you.  So here are 58 more photos from the try-outs.  And just fyi, I have another 107 ready for posting.  I’m just trying to break it up into sets of less than 80, because no one wants to look at THAT many photos at once, and because on phones, they may take forever to load.  So check back soon for the next set.



  1. Theo Avatar

    TH, with the new UCLA’s apparel deal with Under Armour, do you think we will see new uniform for our spirit squad? I hope they don’t change too much since I really like their current uniforms, especially the traditional football uniforms. With that said, I am cautiously optimistic about the possibility of seeing the new look for our squad.

    [T-H’s note: Yes, I read that Under Armour will indeed be outfitting the Spirit Squad and Band, so naturally, you should expect some changes. My hope is that they will respect the ICONIC, traditional look of the main uniforms, but will innovate by creating entirely new alternate uni’s. At Basketball games, the girls often change at Halftime into a second outfit. I’m hoping that Mollie and her crew will have some input, to keep Under Armour on the right page.]