You’d have to be an all-day sucker to believe that the O.J.’s are innocent.

For the Love of Money:  The OJ’s Love Train is derailed by Back Stabbers, as Simpson’s Weed-induced confession and Mayo’s Greed-induced procession are revealed

It’s all about “the company you keep.”

O.J. Simpson surrounded himself with “friends” who were really just shady, brown-nosed weasels who just wanted to cash in on his fame.  With friends like those…

Yesterday, a SECOND Simpson confidant turned on O.J., and announced to the World that O.J. actually confessed to the infamous Double Murders.  The book is hitting the stores on Monday, just 24 hours after ESPN unveils the results of a 4-month investigation into the Company kept by O.J. Mayo during his Recruitment of usc.  Mayo’s Guide through the concrete jungle of recruiting a pit stop was Rodney Guillory, who has been on the NCAA’s watch list as a Runner for an Agent, and who apparently was also involved with ex-trojan Jeff Trepagnier’s suspension several years ago.

What are the odds that BOTH O.J.’s would get targeted on the National Stage on the same day?  Well, a day with two O.J.’s in trouble is like a day with lots of sunshine.

And it starts with a little marijuana.

According to Mike Gilbert, O.J. smoked some Dope, took a pill, had a beer, and then told him about killing Nicole Brown.  Allegedly, O.J. went to the house that night without a knife, but Nicole opened the door HOLDING the knife.  O.J.’s words were, supposedly:  “If she didn’t open the door holding the knife, she’d still be alive today.”

But there’s more:  Gilbert says that it was HIS idea for O.J. to stop taking his arthritis medication, so that his hand would swell up and NOT fit in the infamous GLOVE.

And there’s still more:  Gilbert says that he’s been helping O.J. make money for all these years since the murders, while shielding all the money from the Goldmans, who are legally entitled to it.  He says that he’s been selling O.J. memorabilia, and giving O.J. 80% of the money and keeping only 20%, but paying taxes on 100%.  O. J. has apparently been making a fortune on the sly, just as the Goldmans have been accusing, but thanks to Gilbert, the victims’ families haven’t seen dime one.

Gilbert, though, is mad because O.J. never re-imbursed him for the taxes, so he has “come out” to get back at his former pal.  But his stated motivation for coming clean was to clear his conscience.  Gilbert says that he has felt guilty for years, for helping O.J. get away with murder, and that the time has finally come for the truth to come out.

Even WE can hear the bullsh!t that oozes from those words, even though the confession and the money-laundering charges are probably true.  Gilbert is a sleazeball in need of money, so he wrote a book filled with what the public WANTS to hear.

Simpson’s lawyer ripped Gilbert, saying that Gilbert has absolutely no evidence to support any of his claims.  There is not even any record of O.J. taking the meds, and no paper trail to verify his claims about hiding O.J.’s income from the Goldmans.  Even the other friend-turned-enemy says that Gilbert has a long history of spinning tall tales.  And the Goldmans themselves were NOT impressed either, even though Gilbert apologized to them.  Their response was that apologies don’t help pay the balance of the judgment that they are owed.

When someone says that it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.

Money, money, money, money… Money.

I’m writing this 3 hours before ESPN’s show on the Mayo-Guillory SCandal, so I don’t know if it’s going to be a stunning expose of Tim Floyd’s complicity in Mayo and Guillory’s illegal shenanigans, or if it’s going to prove that Guillory is Mother Theresa,  Mayo is the Pure and Virginal Baby Jesus, and Floyd is just Cletus, the slack-jawed yokel…

So, we don’t want to speculate — We will celebrate the scathing portryal of SCum — or lament the inability of ESPN to truly attack the only West Coast school that pays their bills — tomorrow.  However, ESPN DID actually put out a release tipping off the Press (that is, if you call Scott Wolf “the Press”) to this upcoming “broadcast of interest,” and that SHOULD mean that they have something “juicy” to share.

Speaking of which…

  Just ask the O.J.’s:  Everyone has got their hand out (not just Kato Kaelin).

 It’s a Winn-Winn Situation:  I hope this pacifies you guys.


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  1. uclafan11 Avatar

    So OJ part 1 didn’t reimburse this guy for the taxes? Bush must have learned this from him. Why wouldn’t these guys just PAY these people? I’m glad they didn’t because it brings their shady activities to light. How stupid can you be? Oh, right, they are trOJans…

  2. UCLADal Avatar

    Yikes. That second pic has to go. It doesn’t deserve to be on the same site as the lovely women of UCLA even if it slam against the trojans. Sorry T-H but just my opinion.

    See the ESPN link and check out some of the comments in response especially the one from chrisrice2424. Typical sc guy. Always blaming someone else.

    [T-H’s note: Not sure if you mean the second of the three, or the bottom (third) pic. Either way, we have NO IDEA what you are protesting. They aren’t underaged — in fact, they are Professionals (like Mayo has been since the 9th grade). Maybe you just think the third girl is not too attractive? Then it’s just an opinion, and a pretty subjective one at that. You are certainly entitled to voice your opinion, but I hope you just meant “has to go” as a figure of speech (in deference to the Bruin Girls), and you aren’t really lobbying for it’s censorship-caused removal. I’m just curious — Because if that’s not it, it must offend you in some sort of “moral” way, and that would be really disappointing. I mean, this site isn’t exactly KNOWN for it’s high moral fiber!]

  3. UCLADal Avatar

    I was referring to the last pic. The gal isn’t very attractive looking (I think I’m being generous too). Hopefully she’s saving her money because I don’t think she’ll have a very long “career”.