The Final List for UCLA’s Spirit Squad is out, and it appears that the Nine Dance Teamers were all invited back

Unless there is a duplicate first name and we’re making a terrible mistake, it appears that all nine members of the Dance Team passed the audition to return for another year.  We are going to re-check the numbers, and soon we will post photos of the winners. 

There are some new Cheer Squad members, and we will be posting some photos of them as well.

Sincere congratulations to all the winners, especially to the returnees who have been so nice to me over this past year. 



  1. Bob L Avatar
    Bob L

    All the returning cheer girls made it too. The girls not returning are graduating.

  2. jp Avatar

    Lol. I was driving home from work at 5pm and I coudln’t wait to come home and check to make sure my favorites got in.

    And yes, unless there’s a duplicate name, it seems ALL nine girls have made the team again this year. No complaints here.

    Congrats to all the girls!!!!!!!!!! You make all of us so proud to be Bruins. Such a great group of young women to represent UCLA!

  3. hornsfan Avatar

    woo-hoo! I have a strong suspicion this will be a case where more is better. 🙂 congrats to all!

  4. Dave Avatar

    Im a Bruin Alum from the early 80’s … back in the day when our song girls were featured in Sports Illustrated and one was Miss USA and first runnerup in Miss Universe… back in those days the maximum anyone could be on the squad was two years… so Julie Hayek… Hazel Bracey… Jayne Papac….. all two years and off …. as much as I loved this years dance team, as beautiful as they may be. as great dancers that they are …. cant say that im jumping for joy over the fact that all 9 former squad members were named to the squad again… I mean we all saw the quality of the girls that were trying out… lots and lots of beautiful girls who Im sure were great dancers… I mean I cant say that one should have been on or one should have been off …. but I think the message being sent to other UCLA coeds that tried out and see that the entire squad remains intact … that ” why should we try out”… again I had no problem with the girls from the past year but I think other girls should be given a chance ….I was a judge in the early 90’s and have been following the Spirit Squad since I was in school (1977) and I can say this honestly ….never in the last 30 years has a Dance Team squad returned intact … i just think there should be a squad of returning members and new girls …. just my humble opinion

  5. BlueOne Avatar

    Hey Dave!

    I’d love to talk with you about those 80s squads. You brought back some good memories. Those were the days! I knew a few of the girls well. That Sports Illustrated article was titled, “Eight Beauties and a Beat.” Julie Hayek was a great Miss USA and certainly should have won Miss Universe.
    If you can, please drop me a line and we can reminisce (I’m new at posting, so I don’t know the correct protocol in contacting someone – or having them contact me) abut those good ol’ days.
    Congrats to all the returners who made the 2008-09 Dance Team.You had a great year this current school year and here’s to carrying on that tradition! I felt that this year’s team was the strongest in the nation!
    To those young women who did not make the team this year, please try again next year. You need to carry on the UCLA tradition of presenting talented and good-looking song girls/Dance Teams.

    [T-H’s Note: If you’d BOTH like, I can send your e-mail address to him. Let me know.]

  6. j Avatar

    dave, i totally agree with what you’ve said. i mean, they’re all great girls but you have a point…

  7. jp Avatar

    I love all the Dance Team girls, but yes, I see where Dave is coming from.

    Although based on what t-h said, Mollie the squad advisor, strictly goes by the score sheets. And I dont think the judges would all confer with each other and make sure all the previous girls got in. I think it’s just an advantage of being in the squad and being able to score well since they’re already familiar with all the routines. It just so happens all previous girls are eligbile again this year since noone is graduating.

    t-h, do you know of a previous year when a former member actually failed to make the cut?

    [T-H’s Note: Yeah, according to the trusted word of Chelsey and Brette, it has happened in the past, and more than once. That’s why I was nervous. I’m not sure about this, but I saw one girl trying out who was on the Squad in 2006, but NOT in 2007, so she may be the most recent example.]

  8. Jason Adams Avatar
    Jason Adams

    I am outraged that all 9 girls made it again this year. To everybody out there that actually believes the B.S. about “going strictly by the score sheets,” I’m really sorry, and I regret to inform you that the most talented dacncers there did not make the team. [A certain popular Dance team Member] is not a very good dancer at all. This is in no way an attack on the UCLA Spirit Squad or Mollie, I am very impressed with the finished product Mollie puts out on the court, but anybody with a brain should be able to see that it is all politics and about way more than talent. Mollie does a damn good job running the program, but she doesn’t do it [phrase deleted out of mercy]. Either way, be prepared to see the very best Spirit Squad in the history of UCLA, all 4 teams will be far and improved from last year.

    [T-H’s Note: Dear Jason: I am honestly sorry about editing your passionate comment. I took out one name, because I didn’t think her feelings needed to be hurt like that. However, the omission still allows for your point to be made. Also, I took out one kind of harsh depiction of Mollie, who I consider a friend, so I just can’t allow an opinion like that, which is possibly completely true, but from my standpoint at this time, “unfounded,” to be published on my site. But still, you are certainly entitled to your opinion, and I wanted to allow you the ability to voice it in general, but I had to draw the line at what I thought was a little too hurtful. I hope you understand and accept my decision. Above all, I respect your passion for the subject. I’m sure that it’s NOT the case, but it’s almost AS IF you had a daughter who got snubbed by Mollie’s Judges.]

    [And T-H’s Note to Mollie: I hope you aren’t mad at me for not deleting this comment in its entirety. I was just trying to allow the guy to get his feelings — sour grapes or not — off his chest. And it’s just one guy’s opinion. However, as your loyal friend, if you are personally offended by this gentleman’s perspective, and feel that it is inappropriate for this space, I will remove it, with my apologies. As you know, sometimes I can be “judgement-impaired.” I am NOT trying to validate or endorse his views.]

  9. Robert Avatar

    Congratulations to the Cheer and Dance teams! I am very happy and excited to see both squads returning, but quite frankly I don’t see the point of current members having to try out in the first place. I can see if someone is not returning, then certainly someone must fill that vacancy. I am looking forward to another fantastic and memorable year having the most beautiful girls in college represent the finest University in the world. GO BRUINS!

  10. Wendy Avatar

    I don’t think Jason’s comment is particularly offensive (especially with the names and insults removed), except inasmuch as he makes some pretty major assertions without a scrap of evidence. Saying that those who believe the results are predicated only on score sheets “believe the B.S.” is not an argument, nor is singling out one girl to say she’s not a very good dancer. Is there evidence (a quote, an inside source) for saying that politics beat out skill? Is there video from the auditions of a girl who made the squad miffing the routine? Was Jason in the room for the interviews? Did he read the answers on the applications?

    For that matter, is it stated anywhere that the top scorers are, in fact, the students selected to the squad? Do the judges and advisors have no flexibility in determining the makeup of the team? I’m not saying one way is better than the other, but that there may be factors here that we aren’t privy to. We just can’t know.

    Look, I have no dog in this fight, and everyone’s entitled to an opinion. I certainly agree that returning members have an obvious advantage, if only because they’ve successfully completed the process at least once before. But I do hate the idea of casting aspersion on the auditions, the squad, and the advisors without evidence for doing so.

  11. "Nadine" Avatar

    Had the dance team audition been a dance competition I am certain the “top nine” would have turned out differently. Maybe not vastly different but surely different! However, it was not simply a dance competition and the girls chosen were seen as the best representatives OVERALL of UCLA. Wendy is right; there are many factors that play a role in this clearly important audition process.

  12. Tom Avatar

    You guys are unbelievable. You all say how much you love these girls and and then are outraged that they all made it back. I hate to break it to all of you who are so self-important to assume that the Dance Team is just for you, but the girls who audition with the highest scores are entitled to their places on the team, and if that ends up being the same team as last year, thats how it will be. None of you have any right to say that there are girls who were simply better than the returnees unless you were there, which I am sure most of you were not. And of course it would not be in Mollie or the program’s best interest to keep the same squad two years in a row, (hence all these negative comments) so obviously these girls worked their tails off to earn back their spots legitimately. This was probably one of the best dance teams to ever come through UCLA and we are honored to have them back.

  13. Jason Adams Avatar
    Jason Adams

    I am a lot closer to the action than you think.

  14. UCLAXTC Avatar

    I don’t know if the current dance team members are the best dancers, but I can attest to how well Elise and Brianna represent UCLA. Both girls were my hosts at the recent Spirit Squad brunch. They’re beautiful, well spoken and personable. They are fine representatives of the university. I also got a chance to speak to Ryan and Ember of the cheer team, both of whom were very nice and articulate. I could not be more impressed with this group of individuals.

    I think Mollie is doing a great job with the Spirit Squad and, based on last year’s returnees, she selected a great group of young men and women to represent the school we care so much about.

  15. John Avatar

    Congratulations to all of them! I’m looking forward to a very spirited UCLA football season!

  16. ewc Avatar

    I’m stoked that they’re all coming back. Asking them to leave after 2 years (or 3 years in Kristin’s case) would be like telling the 1927 Yankees to not bother coming back for 1928. That’s a murderer’s row we’ve got there, and I’m glad to see them all intact for next year.

  17. jp Avatar

    Lol. I know there’s a lot of opinions here, but I think we’re just very passionate about these girls.

    Anyways, I agree with Nadine. This isn’t simply just about the best dancers, but finding the best representatives.

    I think there’s a threshold the girls should cross in terms of dancing ability. Once that minimum threshold is reached, the remaining girls should be chosen for their poise, beauty, spirit, etc.

    I actually think that Mollie should have personal discretion when picking the squad. I mean can you imagine if she just picked the girls based on dancing alone? There should be a high emphasis placed on ‘aesthetic’ quality. And sometimes, it’s not always the best dancers who meet this criteria, if you know what I mean.

  18. Wendy Avatar

    Jason, if you are indeed so “close” to the action, can you offer specific examples of your allegations? What are the politics that determine who makes the squads? Whose purposes are served by not simply selecting the applicants with the highest scores? What do you perceive as being unfair about the process, and why?

  19. J Avatar

    It’s great everyone has an opinion but what are people getting so worked up for? Why is one person calling out another person like this issue matters that much. Everyone is entitled to their opinions…
    On another note, based on what we see on the field and court, I’m positive that dancing ability is not all they judge on. I’m sure there are other factors that come into play as well.. but who’s to say that none of the new girls auditioning had the whole package as well? I can understand what previous comments have said about this not being fair for the new girls hoping to make the team; if all nine girls made it back, what message does it send out to the new hopefuls? Being on the squad I’m sure is a great opportunity and new members should be given the chance to experience that as well…
    All I’m saying is that, yes, the way it turned out this might not have been all that fair but what can we do about it? What’s happened has happened and I’m sure there was a reason for everything, however just or unjust it may have been…

  20. Jason Adams Avatar
    Jason Adams

    Well Wendy, I am not at liberty to speak directly how this program works, I have tremendous respect for Mollie and I know how hard her job really is (much harder than any of you would expect). Mollie is basically in charge of the image of UCLA, when the Spirit Squad makes appearances at special events Mollie makes sure that everyone looks as professional as possible and honestly, from an experience standpoint, I’ve been around a lot of Spirit Squads my whole life and UCLA is by far the most well kept squad of them all. However, they are not the most talented by any means. The UCLA Spirit Squad is not a competition squad by any means, they don’t claim to be. Spirit Squad means more than just talent however, the job of a squad member is to represent UCLA as best as possible. I attend auditions, and I can say from a spectators standpoint that the most talented dancers from UCLA’s wonderful School of Dance, failed to make the squad. Why, because they weren’t the representatives that the school was looking for. The Spirit Squad world is so much smaller than the College Football and Basketball world, these two worlds are what gives us attention, people are impressed by what Spirit Squads do because of the WOW factor. I would say that UCLA is by far the best at putting out a product that gets the attention of the larger football and basketball crowds, honestly most people don’t give a crap about talent (because they don’t know what they are watching), but they do know a beautiful girl that knows how to carry herself and a man that present himself well. That’s what Mollie does, she puts out the best product that the best university can offer. That is why despite being one of the most under-funded programs in the nation, UCLA is the vanguard of what it means to be a Spirit Squad. And for that I have all the respect in the world for Mollie. I again urge you to pay attention to the Spirit Squad this year as all programs will be at their very best come that first game against Tennessee.

    [T-H’s Note: I can confirm for everyone that the Judges sign Confidentiality Agreements, so when Jason says he’s not at liberty, he’s NOT being an arrogant trojan — he’s speaking the truth, I think.]

  21. xavier Avatar

    Take a step away from the keyboard and get some perspective, people. This is 20-odd comment thread about the composition of a college dance team. I dig the UCLA gals as much as the next guy but holy crap, seriously? If this really matters that much you need to take a hard look at the life you’re living. Just saying.

    [T-H’s Note: Should I be insulted? Here’s another perspective: The fact that this is the most commented-on story in my site’s History actually VALIDATES my heightened interest in the subject. Obviously, it’s not that “abnormal” for a person to care about “the face of UCLA,” or about HOW that face is assembled. And when someone accuses someone of malfeasance, then it really gets interesting, even without the cheerleader photos! But I don’t mean to be harsh to YOU — After all, you were “just saying,” and that’s okay by me.]

  22. UCLAXTC Avatar

    Well, I want our Spirit Squad to be extremely good looking, very good at what they do (dance or stunt) and to be fine representatives of the university. When I watch our Spirit Squad, I want to be proud of UCLA and I am.

    I don’t want to read stories about our head cheerleader getting involved in some shady grading/Spanish classes at L.A. Trade Tech, like that USC Song Girl. You know, the Song Girl Coach’s daughter and one that cheered for Texas in the Rose Bowl. Yeah, don’t want to read about that.

  23. jp Avatar

    I think most people think the Dance squad is just an afterthought for the university, but I think the part these girls play bring out a lot of interest from people.

    I mean just from this website alone, there is so much interest. If you check out their You Tube videos, they get soooo many views. Sports illustrated gets so many hits after featuring Brianna as their Cheerleader of the Week and other photo spread during the tourney. People from other meassage boards comment that they want to see more of our Dance Team and want more camera shots during games. Usually during time outs, people go to the restroom or concessions, but the past few years, most guys stay to watch them dance. In photos from this website and others, you can usually see all eyes on them when they dance.

    The fact of the matter is, these girls bring a LOT of attention to UCLA. Which, if bringing all these accounts into perspective, is why it shouldn’t be surprising that everyone wants to know how these girls are chosen.

    In any case. I think the interest has always been there. It’s websites like these and other media that have really made it clear how much people pay attention.

  24. john Avatar

    Some of the other criteria for selecting the team are physical appearance, body, attitude, there is a short interview, and also each year team members evaluate each other and this is part of the returning members scores. If they are given negative feedback by teammates, that hurts their chances. There is definitely politics as well. Two years ago, Kristin completely fell on her face at try outs and still made the team. It is about who they want many times. There are girls who have had great try outs but maybe weren’t in the highest standing with Mollie and crew and thus didn’t make it back. They definitely have to have talent, but there’s a lot more that goes into it.