Ball-sacked!!!  Trojans nailed for cheating, AGAIN — This time, u$c gets caught red-handed, in the act of deflating footballs used in their loss to Oregon

They cheat, and cheat, and cheat and cheat and cheat — the Kiffy and Haden Show.  When the trojans’ season got off to a weak start, the trojans decided to do something about it.  First they illegally switched jersey numbers to confuse opponents.  But when that didn’t work, they decided to take the ball by the horns.  Before the Oregon game, and AFTER the Refs checked to make sure the game balls met NCAA standards, u$c purposely deflated them, to make them easier to throw and catch.  And since the home team gets to choose which balls are used by which teams, only sc got to handle the special balls.

But even with the extra help, sc still couldn’t handle the Ducks, losing 62-51 as the wheels fell off the trojan bus.  And after the trojans were busted and fined, Lane Kiffin threw an equipment manager under that bus.  U$c says that a lone staffer did the deflating all by himself, with no instruction from the Coaches.  And you know what?  Only riders of the SHORT BUS believe this B.S. excuse.

Lowly equipment managers don’t take it on themselves to do something radical that may alter the result of a game.  Maybe the same guy who used duplicate jersey numbers in a devious scheme to trick Colorado (Lane) had something to do with this decision instead.  Ya think?


Ex-trojan and admitted steroid-pumping cheater Mark McGwire will be the Dodgers’ new batting coach.  I have always hated the Dodgers, and now I finally have a trojanhater-related reason to.  It’s too bad that he has such a stacked line-up, because he’s about to get credit for winning a Pennant, while doing absolutely nothing.  Opposing teams should check Dodger bats for cork during every game.


4 responses to “BALL-BUSTED!”

  1. JC Avatar

    Apparently McGwire already got enough credit for the success of the Cards lineup to get hired by Los Doyers. If the Cards lineup is as good or better in 2013 than they were in 2010-2012, we’ll know McGwire had little to do with it.

    Also, 21 degrees predicted at kickoff tomorrow, but not windy or snowing. Should be interesting to watch.

  2. Jake Avatar

    When I heard this, I thought even without sanctions, they find a way to embarrass themselves. For sure Lane is gone now.
    I’m a huge Dodgers fan, but at least we have the whole UCLA thing in common.

  3. Ken Avatar

    Desperate times call for desperate, cheating measures. That’s what U$C is all about.

  4. Aaron Avatar


    What’s your opinion on banning USC from stabbing the field? I say just let them do it…

    [T-H’s Note: I’m ambivalent. I don’t like seeing it and I find it over-the-top disrespectful in someone else’s stadium, but in reality, it’s just “theater” and I can’t see any justifiable reason to ban it.]