Happy Returns –UCLA’s Ishmael Adams is re-instated; Meanwhile it’s a black week for u$c, which is in the news for some very dark reasons

 This past week, the Bruins’ Devin Fuller had some Kick Returns that helped UCLA achieve a miraculous victory over BYU.  Fuller as a Returner is like a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10 — but the Bruins just got back a 10.  Ishmael Adams has been cleared of serious charges in his kerfuffle with a very green Uber driver, and has been re-instated to the UCLA Football Team.  Some haters will claim that the timing is suspicious, because “Ish,” in addition to being a Return Man, is also a capable Cornerback, and the Bruins just lost Starting CB Fabian Moreau to a season-ending injury.  But nothing could be further from the truth — Adams was re-instated as soon as the bogus charges were tossed.  Jim Mora is not a trojan.  He has shown nothing but pure integrity since coming to Westwood, and would not let a lack of DB depth affect his judgment on a disciplinary matter.

I don’t know if Adams will be playing this week in Arizona, but I hope so.  The Wildcats will be a tough match-up on the road, so Adams’ explosiveness could be crucial.  And he has already missed 3 games for what looks more like a misunderstanding than a crime, so I hope he is allowed to be a full participant in the contest on Saturday — the discipline of missing a quarter of the season has already been more than what was probably deserved.

Speaking of discipline, it looks like discipline is still severely lacking on the campus of Southern Cal.  Now let me stress that the following IS NO LAUGHING MATTER, and even though this is supposed to be a comedic, SATIRE site, this is a very serious issue that I am reporting here:

The Association of American Universities just released findings from an intensive, nationwide investigation of SEXUAL ASSAULT AND MISCONDUCT, and those findings state that of ALL the more than two dozen schools surveyed, including Ohio State, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Texas, Texas A&M, Florida, and Oregon, NO ONE DID WORSE THAN U$C.

The good old University of Southern Califorrrrrrrnia is #1 in percentage of co-eds who have been victimized at the school by trojan sexual assault and misconduct.  In fact, a whopping 30% of female USC students reported that they have been attacked or otherwise abused in some sexual way.

Again, I have no desire to make light of this heinous situation.  A lot of schools have percentages that are fairly close to SC’s, and NO percent over 0 is acceptable.  UCLA was not part of the survey, but I am certain that their percentage isn’t zero either.  The culture needs to change, and I hope that studies like this bring the problem to light.  But I also hope that high school girls and their parents read these frightening results, and at least steer these kids clear of the worst offenders, especially usc.

This study is given legitimacy by virtue of being published in the Washington Post, a highly respected newspaper.  And it wasn’t the only WaPo article that usc was disgraced by recently.  The Post also reported a disgusting incident that happened on usc’s campus:  The Student Body President — a female from India — was walking across campus when a trojan fraternity dude stuck his head out a window, called her an “Indian piece of sh!t,” and hurled a drink at her.

SHAKE MY HEAD.  Right in the middle of the melting pot that is Los Angeles, in the heart of South Central L.A., racism is alive and kicking inside the iron security gates of USC.  Racism, and sexual assault and misconduct.  People often wonder why I don’t like this sorry excuse for an institution of higher learning…  And articles like this keep coming out, but no one ever seems to understand…  And super-rich families keep paying ridiculous amounts to send their silver-spoonfed offspring to this cultural wasteland.  I don’t know what else to do.  I would like to protect innocent young girls and every minority youth from the horrible treatment that they will potentially be afflicted with by going there, but if the Washington Post can’t get the TRUTH out enough to destroy sc’s reputation, what can I possibly do?


One thing I can do is continue to extol the virtues of going to UCLA — The beautiful campus, lush, luxurious surrounding neighborhoods, distinguished faculty, classes where you are learning from the Professors who actually wrote the textbooks, and of course, interacting with the smartest, most talented, most fit, most attractive coeds in the Country, if not the World.  Here are 71 more photos of Exhibit A.  These are (in general) my B+ photos from the BYU game, with some exceptions, in order to include all 23 (female) Cheerleaders, and spread out some photos that are too similar to one another.  Click on the pics to enlarge them.