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asu13fb (19)bThe 2014 UCLA Cheerleader Auditions were indeed an awesome success, if I do say so myself, as I was an Official Judge for both the Cheer Squad and Dance Team, and the two units will see a combined ELEVEN of your favorites return for another year of glory

One of my favorite days of the year — besides the annual beatdown of u$c on the gridiron —  is the annual UCLA Spirit Squad Auditions.  This year’s tryouts occurred yesterday — Sunday May 4th.  And May the Fourth be with you!  It was Star Wars Day, and it was definitely a War of Stars, as dozens of gorgeous, talented co-eds (and soon-to-be co-eds) competed for coveted spots on the prestigious UCLA Cheer Squad and Dance Team.

Last year I Judged the Dance Team Auditions;  This year I was a Judge for both Cheer Squad and Dance Team, and I had an amazingly fun time.  There were so many worthy candidates for both units, and the Selection Committee analyzed the participants in various categories, and based their final decisions on very specific criteria.

Once again, my personal selections did not correspond exactly with the consensus, but I am more than satisfied with the ultimate results.  I am not at liberty to share any photos from the actual event, nor any details from the actual process.  But what I WILL do is share photos of all 11 students who made the cut and will be RETURNING to the squad.  And as far as details of the process, all I will just say is that everything was handled professionally, and fairly, and as Bruins you should all be proud of what Executive Director Mollie Vehling accomplishes year after year after year (with lots of help, from Nicole, Kyle, Sarah, Kelly, Allison, and others).  And you will be more than proud when you see the new edition of the UCLA Spirit Squad.  But for now, please enjoy these photos of the triumphant 11, who are coming back to entertain you this upcoming season.

"AWESOME UCLA CHEERLEADER AUDITIONS? I’LL BE THE JUDGE OF THAT!" was published on May 5th, 2014 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.


  1. Dave wrote,

    They have released the names of the students who made the squad on the official UCLA Spirit Squad website…

  2. JP wrote,

    TH, I’m glad U had a great time. No one promotes the squad more than u do.

    Since this question doesn’t involve the actual process, can u tell us how many auditioned for the Dance Team this year? The website announced 12 new Dance members which is the largest it has ever been. Was there an exceptionally large pool this year which was why more members were added? It was cut back to 9 last year.

    [T-H’s Note: I signed a confidentiality agreement. I can’t reveal any details. But it WAS open to the public, who saw 19 girls compete in the Dance Team Finals. And I can only GUESS why they took 12 — because that’s how many got really high scores from the judges?]

  3. that1bruin wrote,

    team Danielle

  4. miltk wrote,

    hey…that one girl looks like kevin love’s old flame

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