Newest trojan Basketballer Ari Stewart gets busted for Weed and paraphenalia, as usc strives to recreate the buzz they had when O.J. Mayo was there

So… the former Demon Deacon like’s the Devil’s Weed?  Wake Forest transfer and new trojan Ari Stewart got arrested last month in Tempe, Arizona, for possession of Marijuana and Pot paraphenalia.  Looks like SOMEONE is trying awfully hard to FIT IN.  The trojan program has been in ashes ever since infamous toker O.J. Mayo bailed, while leaving behind sanctions (and roaches).  So could it be that Stewart is just trying to re-kindle the fire that Mayo had brought to town?

Head Coach Kevin O’Neill says that he is disappointed, and that this incident is NOT indicative of what type of person Stewart is.  He also says that this situation will be handled internally.  Of course O’Neill is sympathetic, since he is an alleged substance-abuser too.  O’Neill’s brand of poison is Demon Alcohol, based on his reportedly drunken confrontations near the Staples Center, so he can relate to Stewart chasing a high.  And chances are that his sympathy will lead to very lenient treatment.  After all, sc has already lost 3 or 4 players from this year’s horrible team, due to voluntary transfers and a medical retirement.  So they will probably REALLY NEED Stewart if they hope to improve on their 2012 WORST-EVER record.

The sc legal “brain trust” is probably down in Tempe right now, trying to per$uade the Arizona Police to NOT file any charges.  If they succeed, then K.O. can probably get away with just suspending Ari for a couple of practices or an exhibition game.  If they don’t succeed, O’Neill might be more punishing.  Because, he HAS to send a message to his players:  Don’t get CAUGHT!!!  We all know that a massive amount of college Basketball players ALL OVER THE COUNTRY spark it up with regularity.  But the key is to not do it in front of the PO-lice.  So Stewart now has to be penalized for stupidity.  Like I said, he’ll fit right in at sc.

Just to clarify:  I know that many Bruins are taking bongloads right now as you read this.  Personally, I think it should be legal, and that it should be about as newsworthy as drinking a beer at a frat party.  But when you’re careless enough to get caught by Arizona’s Finest, you have let your teammates down, and you deserve to be ridiculed.  At least trojan mascot Snoop Dogg should be happy — Now he has someone to party with after the games.  Fo’ shizzle.


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  1. Barnes2Stokes Avatar

    I’m willing to give the kid a pass on ths one, TH…I had a “friend” back in my college days that used
    to toke up during finals week…you know, just something to steady the nerves…wouldn’t you know, he would always knock it out of the park, go figure.