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EAT AT NORM’S:  Now serving Bruin Chow

Several Bruins may flower after being nourished by a steady Reign of Chow Philosophy

With Memphis’ Perfect Storm raining out the thunderstruck UCLA Basketball Team’s Season on Saturday, there’s not much left to do, except speculate ignorantly about ALL FIVE STARTERS, and whether they are leaving UCLA prematurely to go Pro this year, OR… Is it time to start thinking about Football?  Since the Hoop players haven’t even decided themselves — and that includes Kevin Love — it makes more sense to focus on Football.

Unfortunately, it’s too early to make inciteful (not “insightful” — get it?) revelations about the fate of the Football team either.  But it was apparent from Bruin fans’ reactions that just the SIGHT of Norm Chow in Bruin Blue Coaching garb was enough to cheer them up after the debacle in San Antonio, so it seemed like a second Spring Football Practice pictorial was called for.

But before we share these 10 photos, we will say one thing about the Basketball team’s fututre:  IF, and it’s a big if, everyone comes back, it won’t be a scholarship overload, as Alfred Aboya sounds like he may pursue another horizon if he doesn’t fit in to the Bruins’ plans. When he removes the shades to make eye contact, you know it’s important.

Neuheisel may LOOK Aryan, but those are NOT Nazi salutes — The “White Nation” resides across town.

It takes big ones for a Walk-On to Walk Off with the Game Ball in a 45-9 Rose Bowl triumph.

… and he hasn’t lost his touch yet!

Chow wasn’t the only one talking to the QB contestants.

…but QB is Chow’s DOMAIN.  BRACE yourself for a wide open QB Competition.

Craft has sandwiched himself between Olson and Cowan in the QB Race. 

No Offense to trojan-killing Cowan, but Olson would still be our choice to have a Career year.

Olson watching the new O-Line, and probably wondering how long he’ll last behind it.

And that’s the long and the short of it.

"APRIL CHOW-ERS" was published on April 7th, 2008 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Sports Photos.

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  1. Beachman wrote,

    Chow’s still a year or three away from turning around the O. It took him over a year to get it going at ‘SC and that was with a Jr. and two year starter in Carson Palmer that year. I say go with a younger QB in ’08 so they are ready for ’09 and let the two walking wounded QBs (nice leg braces) ride the pine.

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