U$C billboard of Barkley in Westwood is covered up one day after trojan booster realizes it was going to cost him future revenue

Arrogant, obnoxious trojans — The only way to control them is to hit them hard… in the pocketbook.

In typical trojan style, u$c recently erected a self-promoting billboard of QB Matt Barkley, right in the heart of Westwood, about 30 seconds south of UCLA’s campus.  Of course, u$c’s official spokesman says that this was NOT an act of taunting.  Sure, and that statement was NOT an official act of LYING.

u$c’s practice field was named after a big time booster who owns Regency, an advertising company who for years has been embroiled in lawsuits accusing them of BRIBING Politicians, POISONING trees that blocked their billboards, running DIRTY ad campaigns against uncooperative City Officials, and VIOLATING court orders telling them that they couldn’t build billboards on restricted sites which they did NOT own.  This guy is an evil trojan with ZERO Integrity, who personifies trojan “values.”  So of course, he is behind this Barkley billboard campaign, including the placement of the one right in the Bruins’ front yard.  Obviously, he got off on the idea.  But as soon as the L.A. Times reported on this blatant slap in the face to every Bruin in the City, including many decision-makers who could damage Regency’s business fortunes, the billboard was taken down.

U$C says that they did NOT authorize this move to remove the ad, and that they are vehemently against the decision.  That means that Regency themselves pulled the plug.  And of course, it took the serious threat of negative financial ramifications to make this trojan honk see the light.  If every Bruin alum in Marketing and Advertising decided to boycott Regency, it would have made a huge dent in their assets, so… no more offensive billboard.

There is one other possibility:  It was rumored that some UCLA fraternities were targeting the sign for retribution.  Maybe Regency didn’t want to incur the costs of fixing a severely-damaged billboard.  Either way, the power of the almighty dollar was strong enough to make a trojan temper his desire to taunt the Bruins.

Now we just need someone to further investigate this Regency guy, to see how much money and how many extra benefits he has funnelled to trojan players over the years.  Now THERE is something I’d like to see plastered on a billboard.


2 responses to “ANOTHER TROJAN COVER-UP”

  1. dswenson Avatar

    As I have always said, arrogance + ignorance = $c
    This is another perfect example.
    I wish someone would have paint balled the sign or broken it so that it would never work again. I was glad to see that so many present day BRUINS were very angry at that sign. As an alumnus of UCLA, I was infuriated by the sign, especially with cabana boy Barkley on it. $c SUCKS!!!!

  2. JosephineBruin Avatar

    GO BRUINS! Glad it’s down now let’s cook some fried rice