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“Pass the tanning butter.”

Today’s topic is “Tropic.”

TOYS FOR TROTS:  Hawaiian Tropic trots out a treasure trove of hot-to-trot trophy girls in bikinis at Santa Anita

“I went to the Horse Races, and a Bikini Contest broke out!”

Okay, so maybe the Bikini Contest was planned in advanced — and advertised like crazy by sponsor KLOS — but it was still a pleasant surprise that it was possible to get right up to the front row with a camera.  What a great way to forget about all the lost wagers, on races you could barely see.  The Concert/Bikini Contest was held in the infield, inside the oval racetrack, but the stage area was NOT equipped with any race video — just the announcer’s call — and you could only see the actual horses for a split-second on the backstretch, not anywhere near the finish line. 

Since all the wrong horses won, maybe not witnessing it was better.  Not only that, but the most “famous” horse entered today, who actually was a Kentucky Derby favorite, was a late SCRATCH and did not run.  It’s like going to see the Lakers ONE time during the Season, and Kobe takes the night off.

But just when you’re ready to swear off Santa Anita for life, out stroll 30 bikini girls from Hawaiian Tropic for a Bikini Girl “Search,” and everything is okay.  Gentlemen, Start… Your… [Search] Engines. 

Here’s your big winner, #22.  Gives a whole new meaning to “catch-22.”

Bikini designed by Goldfinger.

“When you walk in golden halls, you get to keep the gold that falls.”

Is this why they call Horse Racing “The Sport of Kings?”

Intensity, in Tent City.

Wow.  It feels like I’m CHEATING on the Bruin Spirit Squad.

Red and Gold never looked so good together.

“True Blue” was well-represented too.

“Make Love, not War.”  Okay.  Better than “”

Hey — Aren’t BLONDES supposed to have more fun?

I think I just hit the Daily Double.

Holy Charo, I think I just dropped my churro.

Gold Bust Woman

Maybe it’s the Bruin Blue, but this girl might have gotten my vote (if I were a Porn Producer or Iron Man Competition winner made into a Contest Judge)

#4 is Anastasia.  She’s from Russia, but she came to the U.S., and became a trojan.  She did not make the cut for the Contest Finals (or for attendance to UCLA, probably).

Not too crazy about the Russian with the red pigtails, while Russian Anastasia is not too shabby (even though she’s from usc), but #5 rushes past the Russians, in my book.

#16 is that classic little Hawaiian Tropic California Blonde Beach Girl — Cowabunga, Dude!

Some of these pork-fed tourists were yelling “Eat a sandwich or something!” at the poor girls.

Nice-looking gold & white suit gave this longshot a chance to run in the money.

A Ring Bikini

A String bikini

An itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie, yellow polka dot bikini

Silence is golden.

Hawaiian Tropic Thunder — These pics will be the Tropic of conversation all next week.

It’s a Trifecta you can’t turn your back on.

“Well, what did you think?  There are many more, so SPEAK UP if you want to see more of us!”

"ANGELS IN THE INFIELD" was published on April 5th, 2009 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News, Non-Rivalry Photos, T-H Club Classic Posts.

Comments on "ANGELS IN THE INFIELD": 4 Comments

  1. Richard wrote,

    Yes more PLEASE.I think we all need a pick me up 🙂 And any and all Christina (USC Song Girl) photos would be appreciated as well.As much as I LOVE the ladies of UCLA,I do have a special place in my heart for that lovely lady.And if you saw her,you might too.:)

  2. RR wrote,

    You lucky dog you…
    The pervert inside of me (as I’m sure with the rest of the male… and maybe some female ;D readers have… ) has always wanted to see the dance/cheer squads in bikini’s (DON’T DENY IT!!), but got damn this works just as well.

  3. Robert wrote,

    Sorry guys, other than #2 (blue) I just don’t see A DAMM THING to get excited about…it doesn’t look like any of those girls – except for #16 spend any time at the gym…dimples on their butts, flabby looking butts, shapeless thighs…who are these girls anyway?

  4. Oswald Boelcke wrote,

    Great pictures. Thanks for the posting. There is nothing like a beautiful woman in a bikini … especially gold and silver bikinis.

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