AGE OF CONSENT: Scott Wolf is NOT doing anything wrong

Just a quick note to those of you who notice one of the classic UCLA Dance Team photos on Scott Wolf’s usc blog, WITHOUT the logo:

He has express written permission to share photos with his readers.  It is necessary, in order for them to understand the TRUE hierarchy of Pac-10 Spirit Squads.  However, if the logos were left on, there would have been a barrage of hate mail and death threats coming this way…

So Scott, aware of that predicament, THOUGHTFULLY cropped out the logo.  This is actually the second time, doing it once with a Duck photo last week.  But this one is much more recognizable as being from HERE, seeing as the little girl’s pom pom is enlarged via Photoshop, to protect/respect the minor child’s identity/privacy.

So before any more people get suspicious of some sort of copyright violation in progress, that’s not the case.  Not that trojans never feel above-the-law, but in this scenario, there is NO NEED to write to his blog, accusing him of being sleazy.

Thank you.

And just a note to everyone:  Just because a headline and article topic here have nothing to do with Cheerleaders, it does NOT mean that there are not Cheerleader photos included.  The Love Inks article from yesterday is a perfect example:  So if you came here today looking quickly for new UCLA Dance Team shots, just check out the previous article to this one.  Also, don’t forget:  You can use the “Categories” on the right, to get a list of JUST the articles that include Cheerleader photos.

Be nice to Scott!


2 responses to “AGE OF CONSENT: Scott Wolf is NOT doing anything wrong”

  1. James Avatar

    Could you please post a “Showdown” of UCLA vs. Cal cheerleaders just so my “friend” can figure out once and for all that UCLA isn’t even in the same class as Cal?

    [T-H’s Note: You’ve GOT to be joking!!!!!]

  2. J Avatar

    Cal? I assume that is meant as a joke. If not I want to pull my eyes out and vomit until I die for having to live in a world with someone who would think that.