How Sweet the Sound — Former trojan Defensive Back Taylor Mays gets released by the Bengals due to his impending SECOND suspension for violating the NFL’s Substance Abuse Policy

Another NON-shocker:  Another Pete Carroll trojan is busted for illegal drugs.  Coincidence this is NOT.  A blatant pattern of drug abuse and performance-enhancment has been clearly established, yet some trojans are still in full denial.  The before-and-after photos of Brian Cushing were not enough to convince them.  Dr. Ting’s shameful legacy was not enough to convince them.  Even Carroll’s continued steroid scandals — as his Seahawks led the NFL in steroid suspensions — was still not enough to convince them that the trojans’ so-called glory years (which led to sanctions and the vacating of wins) was fueled by steroid abuse.

Everyone whose ego isn’t wrapped up in the ugly, crime-infested confines of Figueroa Tech knows the truth — That Carroll’s CULTURE of Cheating and Win-at-all-costs attitude has bred this contempt for the rules by his players.  If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.  That’s the mantra that trojans carry right into Professional Sports.  And now for the latest perp, Taylor Mays, the “cost” is about to get expensive.  SC may think they own the LAPD, but they don’t own the NFL.

Mays was recently suspended for four games due to failing a drug test.  But the Bengals, who have a long history of signing players with criminal pasts, didn’t do anything about it.  Not until yesterday, when reports indicated that Mays allegedly failed another test and is facing even MORE suspension time.  That news finally inspired Cincinnati to release Mays from the team.  However, the Bengals will always be the Bengals, so they announced that they still may re-sign Mays after the suspension is over… Until suspension #3.