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How Sweet — Starting off this month of May with more of the amazing grace and beauty of the UCLA Spirit Squad, as auditions for next year’s roster rapidly approach

It’s May 1st, and we will be saying goodbye to some UCLA Cheerleaders soon, since auditions for the next incarnation of the Spirit Squad are imminent.  Several of your all-time favorites will be graduating this year, and will therefore NOT be competing at the tryouts this weekend.  And often, some who are still eligible will decide to pursue other endeavors, and not return.  As always, it will be sad to see them all go, but on the bright side, there will be many open spots for newcomers.

And if history has taught us anything over the past decade, UCLA’s selection process — and pool of applicants — guarantees continuing quality, attractiveness, talent, and personality, unparalleled anywhere else in the Country.  This year’s panel of Judges promises to be the best, most sophisticated ever, so you can rest assured that the Squad is in good hands.

These 45 photos (from the Spring Showcase) feature 4 Dance Teamers who I believe are all eligible to return, but I don’t know yet if they plan to try out (even returning members are required to re-audition every year).  I hope they all do, because they are all more than worthy, to keep the Squad’s level of awesomeness at its peak.