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    Newest trojan Basketballer Ari Stewart gets busted for Weed and paraphenalia, as usc strives to recreate the buzz they had when O.J. Mayo was there So… the former Demon Deacon like’s the Devil’s Weed?  Wake Forest transfer and new trojan Ari Stewart got arrested last month in Tempe, Arizona, for possession of Marijuana and Pot […]


    Ooops… It’s been brought to my attention (from a reader comment) that I promised 40 more UCLA Cheerleader photos from the last home game that I never delivered.  So… I am here now to rectify the situation — in style, with forty-ONE new pics March Madness is in full swing, with the Sweet Sixteen starting […]


    Win one of these UCLA Keychains — Just predict the winner of March Madness, and you could win your choice of these top-quality UCLA keyrings from With UCLA not participating in the NCAA Tournament this year, a lot of Bruin fans are barely paying attention.  With no vested interest, it’s hard to get too […]

  • O.J. MAY-0-FOR-8

    Ice-cold Mayo keeps shooting and shooting, going 0-for-8 from 3 for the game, and 0-for-8 (with a Turnover and 2 Fouls) in the last 18 minutes, including 0-for-6 in 2 Overtimes, as the ex-trojan’s Grizzlies fall to the Lakers, 116-111 The Lakers have been struggling mightily on the Road this season, but on Tuesday night […]


    UCLA’s NCAA Tournament hopes are ended, as the Refs award Arizona 36 trips to the line, from where they outscore the Bruins by 21, to pull off a 66-58 win despite shooting 35% from the floor Once again, the Bruins got off to a horrible start, falling behind the Wildcats by 10, while racking up more Turnovers […]

  • a SCare to remember

    UCLA starts off 3-for-20 from the floor and falls down by 8 to the worst team in the league before a 37-to-12 spurt allows them to BeatSC, for the third time this season, 55-40, and advance to the Second Round of the Pac-12 Tournament, while the trojans go home for good with an all-time record […]


    Someone call Sports Illustrated — U$C Linebacker Simione Vehikite is arrested on FOUR FELONY charges:  Drunk driving, causing injury while drunk driving, leaving the scene of an injury accident, and identity theft (it’s a Superfecta!) Where’s George Dohrmann when a REAL story comes up?  Forget smoking a little grass and peacefully attending a college party — Let’s talk […]


    I’d like to buy a vow — Anyone who spins the Wheel and gets to exchange vows with Savannah — or any of the current UCLA Cheerleaders — is in good Fortune, not in Jeopardy You can’t buy happiness, and you can’t buy a UCLA Cheerleader, since, unlike OTHER places, these girls are not for […]


    Arena Dog Chow — Bruins make mush of the hot Dawgs, as they say good riddance to the Sports Arena with a thrilling 75-69 come-from-behind victory, outscoring Washington (who was 13-2 in their last 15 games) 20-9 in the last 12 minutes and 6-0 in the final minute The Bruins’ next home game will be in […]

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