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Whiteout Power — This Saturday night the Bruins and their fans will wear white at home and some people don’t like this break from tradition

Blue & Gold lives matter.  UCLA has the best-looking HOME uniforms in the Country.  The medium blue and gold combination is striking.  Samsung uses them in their commercial for their new big screen TV’s to demonstrate how vivid the colors look on it.

But on this Saturday, the Bruins will wear white, which is almost always the VISITING team color.  All the fans are encouraged to wear white as well, to turn the Rose Bowl White.  Sounds like a certain racist politician wants to Make Altadena Great Again.  #MAGA, hence the use of nearby Altadena instead of the correct Pasadena.

Anyway, I love our home uniforms, so I am NOT a big fan of wearing White at home.  I don’t really like those other alternate uniforms that the Bruins have donned, like the all black, or the dark greys.  However, I don’t care THAT much — I am WAY more concerned with HOW THEY PLAY and IF THEY WIN, than about what they wear.

Apparently, some other fans are more upset.  Some disgruntled fans have been complaining “Why are we dressing like visitors in our home stadium?” as if this will give away our home field advantage.

If the players like it, and if it brings attention to the team, and if the fans like it, and if it creates a buzz or attracts more fans to the game, then FINE.  If we win the game, that’s all that really matters.  No one will be complaining that much if UCLA dispatches the Buffaloes back to Colorado on the losing end of the contest.

One other reason why some fans are dreading the all-white uni’s is that it might remind them of a previous time the Bruins wore all white, and lost 50-0 in one of the worst Bruin games ever.  Maybe an all-white whipping of Colorado will whitewash that bad memory away.

Okay, the real reason why I wrote this article was that I wanted an excuse to post more Cheer photos.  I have a couple hundred more I want to post before Colorado.  So here are 50 more from the Texas A&M game.  And let’s hope the all-White Bruins play all right, like they did in the 4th quarter against the Aggies.

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