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Nightmare Gynecologist — Yet another longtime u$c employee has been exposed for sexual abuse, and the University knew about it for decades and did nothing

[NOTE:  Please assume, for legal reasons, everything claimed in this article must be perceived as ALLEGED behavior]

It’s not just the u$c Athletic Department.  It’s the ENTIRE institution.  It has been reported that longtime u$c Gynecologist Dr. George Tyndall has been sexually abusing u$c students, especially young Chinese girls, SINCE THE 90’S, and u$c KNEW about it and never turned him in to authorities.  This is the second time in a year that sc has been implicated in a sexual abuse SCandal — Recently their DEAN OF MEDICINE Carmen Puliafito was also disgraced with tales of drug abuse, prostitutes, and unwanted sexual advances.

u$c is FINALLY admitting now that it SHOULD have reported this (second) demented creep to law enforcement and the California Medical Board, but failed do do so.  The abuse and complaints have cascaded in since the 1990’s, but sc waited until 2016 to finally cut ties with this monster.  Apparently, u$c is more concerned with their own image and reputation than the dignity and safety of hundreds of innocent, sexually vulnerable students.

Tyndall took photos of girls’ vaginas for no medical reason.  He touched then sexually, as opposed to medically, sliding two fingers in and out, while trying to charm them with compliments about how “tight” their vaginas were, and how “perky” their breasts were.  He also made hundreds of racially insensitive remarks, and often targeted naive Chinese girls, who didn’t realize that they were being abused.  This guy is another Larry Nassar, the disgusting Michigan State doctor who basically raped 500 gymnasts.  And just like MSU “let” him get away with it, u$c completely buried their heads in the sand and ENABLED this freak to prey on his innocent victims.  Michigan State just reached a $500 Million settlement in that case.  What about USC?  No ramifications, for the exact same intentional negligence?

This is u$c.  This is what they stand for.  This is what they have ALWAYS stood for.  Close ranks, bury the truth, and protect their “brand” and their finances, at the expense of innocent victims for years and years and years.  And of course, like every other trojan criminal, Tyndall DENIES all charges, despite mountains of evidence and expert testimony decrying his “methods.”  USC has admitted that they screwed up by letting this abuse slide for so long.  So, will they voluntarily offer up a settlement of their own?


"USC HAS BEEN ENABLING A SERIAL SEXUAL ABUSER FOR DECADES… AGAIN" was published on May 17th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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