trOJans fingered For Unlawful Carroll Knowledge

Calm down, trOJan apologists — It’s just a fark, not a REAL tugjob.

TRAITOR HO’S:  Lake says that sc knew all about Bush, and Norton tells Bruins to kiss his SCum Tush

Take my Norton… Please.

They say that when a Bruin defects to usc, he’s a trojan FOR LIFE.

WE say it’s more like “TWENTY TO LIFE.” 

Ken Norton jr. has shunned Rick Neuheisel’s advances, and has decided to stay at usc. despite impending doom for the whole sc Program.  This is now the SECOND time that Norton, the former Bruin Linebacker, has had a chance to leave his alma mater’s enemy school, to return home to Westwood, but has refused.  Apparently, he prefers the friendly confines of South Central.  Could it be that he gets more money at usc?  Is it possible that all Norton cares about is money, and that he has no loyalty to UCLA at all?  Well, that’s what we’ve been trying to tell you for four years.  Anyone who would stick a knife in the hearts of all Bruin fans like he did is definitely not worthy of ever being called a Bruin again.

Don’t fall for Norton’s ass-kissing of Neuheisel and UCLA in the Media — If he really still had UCLA in his heart like he says, he wouldn’t even dream of Coaching for the Darkside.  And, he wouldn’t rejoice like a Pro Wrestler when a dirty trOJan Linebacker connects on a late hit on a Bruin QB, nor would he badmouth UCLA to all his Recruits.  He’s just trying to keep the door open, in case the hammer falls, and sc gets put on Probation for all the NCAA violations that, according to Lloyd Lake, sc was privy to.  Common sense says that Norton knew about Bushgate too, so the fact that he’s allowing for a future exit strategy seems to further incriminate the staff.  On the other hand, he may know that Pete Carroll is planning on bailing for a third failed attempt at the NFL.  On the third hand, it could be both reasons, as Probation is likely to lead to Carroll’s quick escape.

So if Norton didn’t have a safety valve “out” with Neuheisel, he might get his bad karma force-fed right back in his face, when the dirty “Program” that he chose to stay with goes down.  If Neuheisel throws him a life preserver when Norton belly-flops off the sinking SChip, we’ll be even MORE pissed than we were this time.  After this decision of his, for which we are eternally grateful, he deserves to wallow in any sanctions that sc so deservedly receives.

And the reason for all this sanction talk is the recent interview of Reggie Bush’s own personal traitor, Lloyd Lake.  The wannabe agent and Trojan-Haters Club Hero has made it clear that the usc Football Program had full knowledge of the Bushgate scandal.  He says that Assistant Coach Todd McNair was privy to several different perks that Bush had been granted, and that even Head Coach Pete Carroll got an e-mail making him aware of the issues (as if he didn’t already know).

In the recently-released book “Tarnished Heisman,” the documents that seem to prove Bush’s violations are overwhelming.  They are even signed by Bush and his family, including receipts that show “illegal” travel arrangements and cash advances.  There doesn’t seem to be any way that Bush will avoid punishment in this case, as in the removal of his name from the record books, and the removal of the Heisman Trophy from his possession.  But what was still very much in doubt was whether or not usc would be held accountable for the rampant violations.  The reason for the doubt was the issue of whether anyone at sc KNEW about or SHOULD HAVE known about the transgressions.

Well, now it is obvious that not only SHOULD they have known, but they DID know.  And not just some lackey dog-fighting Assistant, but the Big Cheese himself.  If the NCAA ignores all of this evidence, they might be boycotted right out of existence, by every other member school under their jurisdiction.  After all, they are currently investigating JOHN WOODEN, for what was REPORTED as potentially illegal contact between Wooden and Kevin Love.  As it turns out, Wooden is an Official Consultant for UCLA, and is therefore allowed contact, but even if he weren’t, what a complete joke that they have the manpower to investigate a Living Legend and epitome of Class and human decency, but they can’t get any headway whatsoever on SCuzzy Carroll, even when the hard evidence is handed to them on a silver platter, PHONE CALLS INCLUDED.

And for the trOJan masses who called in death threats to the Coliseum Commissioner, there is no reason to do that to Lake.  Instead, Lake says those calls should be aimed at Reggie Bush, who “threw his team under a bus.”

Speaking of getting thrown under a bus by an ex-trOJan, Tennessee Titan Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow was fired by Head Coach (ex-trojan) Jeff Fisher, as the scapegoat for the pathetic 6 points that Fisher’s team could muster in their Playoff loss to San Diego.  Chow had been there for 3 years, but was doomed by (probably) Fisher’s demand that (ex-trOJan) LenDale White be made the centerpiece of the Offense instead of (ex-trOJan-killer) Vince Young.

So now, Chow is “available,” and is being sought by Rick Neuheisel.  It seems like a longshot because UCLA can’t pay half of what he had been making in the Pro’s, but if his severance package is written in a certain way, it might not be THAT financially detrimental to take a few years to go after his alleged personal arch rival Pete Carroll head-to-head.  Even though they wouldn’t be facing each other as Head Coaches, it would still be Chow’s Offense against Carroll’s Defense.

We’d still be shocked to see it happen, and would be much less surprised to see someone no more coveted than Jedd (the?) Fisch, who was Neuheisel’s assistant in Baltimore, and whose hiring would allow the Offense to still be “Neuheisel’s Offense,” as opposed to “Chow’s Offense.”

Despite Chow’s sc ties, we would still welcome him.  First of all, it isn’t like he went to school at UCLA and then betrayed it.  DeWayne Walker COACHED at sc too — That in itself is NOT the kiss of death in our book.  Also, he was one of the only Coaches over there who DIDN’T exude smarmy trOJan attitude.  He had a quiet confidence and decorum that is very out-of-character for a typical sc Coach.  Believe it — We looked long and hard for things to make fun of him with, and we never found anything juicy.

Speaking of juicy, there were a couple of juicy tidbits from the Basketball BeatSC Week that might interest you.  First of all, low-class trOJan Basketball Coach Tim Floyd has out-SCummed himself with his latest cheap shot at the man whom he envies more than God, Ben Howland.  Floyd is so jealous of Howland, that he had to attack his appearance, making fun of Howland’s receding hairline at a Pac-10 Coaches Luncheon.  As long as Floyd the Barber wants to stoop to that level, we’d just like to point out that a hair-related insult is hard to take seriously from a guy who, for the last 10 years, has been going to Adolph Hitler’s hairstylist.

And speaking of Nazi Stormtroopers, one of Floyd’s disciples is injured, and worried that the Bruins are going to try to injure him further.  Point Guard Daniel Hackett – Yes, the same one who announced to the Media that the trOJans flat-out QUIT on Floyd in the WSU game – has a bad right hip, and he told the Press that he didn’t want UCLA to know, because they might try to hit him in it.

This is a classic example of PROJECTION.  Just because the trOJan mentality is to go hit people in their injuries, it doesn’t mean that Ben Howland and the Bruins would play that way.  They have plenty of ways to beat you without kneeing someone in their pulled groin, and the only salt that they will rub in the wound is Josh Shipp’s postgame celebration.  Don’t misunderstand us:  If someone has a weak ankle and is slowed down a step, then you certainly try to exploit it — But that is very different from HITTING a guy in his injury, as Hackett implied that UCLA would do.  As someone pointed out on BruinZone (we do NOT take credit ON PURPOSE for stuff that others have posted first, even though we WOULD HAVE gotten there via inevitable discovery), Hackett ought to worry more about getting hit by O.J. Mayo, AGAIN, than by the Bruins.

If YOU are tired of all the trOJan cheating and flaunting of NCAA Rules without ANY sign of Justice, you can e-mail the President of the NCAA, Myles Brand:,  and if you want to arm yourself with data first, go to



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  1. Darren Bruin Avatar
    Darren Bruin

    what happened to the pictures of the UCLA cheerleaders??? you havent posted ANY lately….

  2. USCSUX Avatar

    I sent the following e-mail to the NCAA:

    I can’t believe the NCAA would have the gall to order UCLA to investigate John Wooden for having spoken with Kevin Love. Petros Papadakis admits on air that he has provided free food, drinks & entertainment to USC recruits at his father’s restaurant. But he tries to justify it by saying that who is he to get a recruit to attend USC. How about the fact that he is a former running back for USC & is a commentator for their football games? I’m not sure, but he is probably a donor to the school as well. UCLA’s DeShaun Foster gets the use of a car & you immediately declare him ineligible for the remaining & most important games of the season. Reggie Bush is given a car & nothing happens. Oklahoma is put on probation because they should have known that their quarterback had a job in the off season & was paid for not going to work. USC’s Dewayne Jarrett gets free rent from Matt Leinart’s father, & you give him the opportunity to make a charitable contribution after he turns pro. USC’s program has been making a mockery of the NCAA rules for years, & nothing happens. The more the NCAA turns its head from the situation at USC, the more it looks like someone is on the take.

  3. t-h Avatar

    To Darren — Be patient, young Jedi — There are plenty more to come.

    To USCSUX — Thank you. It’s a wonder how Myles Brand can sleep at night.