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DeRoze and Fall of Troy — In the final minute of the 2018 NBA All-Star game, Toronto Raptor and ex-trojan DeMar DeRozan misses a Free Throw, throws the ball away for a Turnover, and fails to get the final, potentially game-tying shot off before the buzzer (it was a brick anyway) in a 148-145 loss

Remember when the term “goat” DIDN’T make people think “Greatest Of All Time?”  Forget Tom Brady and Michael Jordan — “goat” used to mean the guy who choked away a game.  And in tonight’s 2018 NBA All-Star game, the undisputed goat for “Team Curry” was u$c’s own DeMar DeRozan.

With the score tied at 144 with 40 seconds left, the Raptor Guard missed the first of two Free Throws, which opened the door for “Team LeBron,” as LeBron James promptly made a lay-up to put his team up 146-145.  But DeRozan had a chance for redemption.  With 16 seconds left he drove the lane, but he had no shot, PANICKED, and threw a wild pass that no teammate had a chance at, and the ball went soaring out of bounds for a costly Turnover.

Team LeBron knew they were going to be intentionally fouled, so they passed the ball quickly up court, and BRUIN Russell Westbrook grabbed the ball on the run and took it to the hoop himself, expecting the foul.  But unlike his ex-trojan counterpart, Westbrook FINISHED successfully, dropping the ball into the basket for two points, and no foul was committed.

That gave the LeBrons a 3-point lead with 10 seconds left — plenty of time for the Currys to tie it up.  The LeBrons did not foul intentionally to keep the Currys from attempting a game-tying three.  But what they DID do is double-team Stephen Curry, forcing him to pass the ball to DeRozan in the corner.  Unfortunately for Curry, DeRozan did NOT have the awareness to KNOW how many ticks were left on the clock.  Instead, DeRozan hesitated too long, then heaved up a tightly-guarded prayer, just AFTER the final horn sounded.  But it wouldn’t have mattered if he had beaten the clock — the desperation attempt never had a chance, and clanked off the rim.  So DeRozan’s SECOND chance to redeem himself also went up in choke, as his team lost 148-145.

Westbrook, who is the REIGNING LEAGUE MVP and who has twice won MVP Honors at the All-Star Game, did not have a good shooting night, scoring only 11, but he did have 8 Rebounds and 8 Assists for a near-triple-double.  James won the MVP Award, scoring 29 and also coming close to a triple-double.  But the only actual triple on this night was DeMar’s triple-choke in the game’s final minute, totally and completely costing his team the game.

"TORONTO TROJAN TRIPLE TRIP-UP TRASHES TEAM IN ALL-STAR TILT" was published on February 18th, 2018 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, News from the Dark Side, Non-Rivalry News.

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