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Everyone knows it’s Windy — It’s 1pm, and the wind is howling through the Southland, and if it doesn’t stop soon, it will be a fire retardant that will cause the Fire Marshall to ban tonight’s BeatSC Bonfire

This has happened before.  The bonfire has gone UNLIT a couple of times in recent memory — Once because selfish protestors blocked access, and once or twice because high winds made lighting a big fire in the middle of a crowded campus unsafe.  As Coach Mora said on one of those occasions, we don’t need a fire to get fired up.

I love the fire and the flames and the burning trojan symbols, but the rally will still be fun even if the fire is prohibited.  There are lots of great student dance troops, and campus singing groups, plus Bruin Olympic Sports representatives, the UCLA Football Team, the Band, and of course, the UCLA Spirit Squad.  The Cheerleaders are enough all by themselves to make the event worthwhile.  Here are 73 more Cheer Photos from last Saturday to get your motor running.  Head out to the highway and come support your Bruins tonight.

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