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No Prob, No Sob — UCLA squeaks into the NCAA Tournament and will have to play in the (“play-in”) Round of 68, but that’s better than u$c, who shockingly gets snubbed completely

That sound you hear is whining, and lots of it, coming from just off the Harbor Freeway on Figueroa Street.  The u$c trojans have been left out of March Madness, and their fans can’t believe it.  They thought they were a shoo-in, but after losing to UCLA at home a couple of weeks ago, they — as I explained then — exchanged places with the Bruins, going from “last four in” to “first four out.”

But after that painful loss, trojan fans thought they had climbed back into the Dance by winning two games in the Pac-12 Tournament.  Sadly for sc, beating Oregon State and Oregon wasn’t enough.  In fact, sc has beaten only two NCAA Tournament teams all year (New Mexico St. and Fullerton!!), while losing to lowly (this year) Princeton, and with a super-DOWN Pac-12 this year, that was enough to leave them on the outside looking in… at UCLA.

There is, of course ANOTHER theory.  Perhaps the NCAA knows how DIRTY the Southern Cal Athletic Department is, and didn’t want to invite them, just to have any wins VACATED in the near future.  With the FBI Investigation still underway, and with a trojan Assistant Coach already indicted, and with THREE troy players allegedly fingered for taking money to play, maybe the Selection Committee decided to bump sc right off the bubble.  If that’s really the case, then Arizona is lucky they were an automatic qualifier and nowhere near the bubble anyway.

And UCLA didn’t exactly SKATE in either.  With a couple of late conference tourney upsets, things got tight, and UCLA barely got in.  The Bruins are an #11 Seed, and will face fellow #11 Seed St. Bonaventure in Dayton on Tuesday in one of the “first four” Play-in games.  The Pac-12’s horrid lack of credibility really hurt.  The Conference got only 2 at-large bids (plus automatic qualifier Arizona, a #4 Seed).  Besides UCLA, Arizona State was the other one, also an #11 Seed facing a Play-in game.

The ASU non-snub rubs salt into the trojans’ wound, as u$c finished 2nd in the Pac-12 regular season AND conference tourney, while ASU finished NINTH and got knocked out of the Pac-12 Tourney in their first game!  Of course, they beat sc head-to-head (like UCLA did twice), plus ASU beat two elite teams earlier in the year, so that was the rationale.  Soooo sad for u$c!!  Just think of all those players who should have gone Pro last year but didn’t, just to come back for a year of FAILURE.

So now, U-C-L-A fittingly goes to the 4-letter Tournament, while u-s-c goes to a 3-letter Tournament.  The trojans are a #1 Seed in the NIT.  Maybe they can hoist a banner in the Galen Center!

So Tuesday night in Ohio, the Bruins face the Bonnies, as a 3.5-point favorite.  St. Bonaventure is a good team, but a very short team.  UCLA will have a huge height advantage.  The Bruins should dominate the boards, and their twin towers should have big games in the paint.  UCLA’s main task will be to keep the experienced Bonnie guards from lighting it up from downtown.  They have great perimeter shooters, and if they get hot, the Bruins will be on vacation before the bracket pools get underway.

If the Bruins manage to survive, they will face  — of all teams! — FLORIDA.  AGAIN!!  What a coincidence!  Three times the Gators have knocked UCLA out of the Dance.  And if this match-up comes to pass, they would be favored to do it again.  Let’s hope Steve Alford gives his team a quick history lesson, that can motivate the troops to finally exact some revenge for the long-suffering fans.

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