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Cuties on the Q.T. — No Quentin Tarantino bloodshed, as the UCLA Cheer Squad stays mostly intact, with all eight returnees at the Sunday matinee audition making the final cut, and two new teammates — Samantha (#5) and Chloe (#11) filling the slate

After the last few auditions, I have learned to take NOTHING for granted.  After the last couple of try-outs, I have whined emotionally about squad members who tried to return but were thwarted on the final day.  This year, the planets seemed to be back in alignment.  Now I’m not sure about squad veterans who may have been cut BEFORE Sunday, but on THIS final day, all the returnees in attendance survived the process.  That’s 8 girls on the Cheer Squad, and 4 on the Dance Team.

There were only 12 girls participating during the Cheer Squad segment, which means that 2 new applicants did not make it.  I am sad for both of them, as they both seemed worthy of inclusion, that is, if 12 girls were allowed.  I’m especially sad for the Mom of one of them, whom I met in the crowd and seemed like a fantastic human being, and I bet her daughter is too.  I thought her daughter was very attractive, and seemed talented at Cheer, and poised in the interview.  She’s young — an incoming Frosh — so I sincerely hope she tries again next year.  There will probably be more slots available in 2019.

NOTE:  Although I wish she could have made it, I have NO PROBLEM with the selection process, and I like all 10 girls who did make it.  No whining this year.

Below are 29 photos of the CHEER SQUAD section of the auditions.  I will commence on the Dance Team section asap, and in a matter of hours, I will post the first batch of those photos.

"THE GRATEFUL EIGHT ADD TWO GREAT ‘MATES" was published on May 7th, 2018 and is listed in Blue & Gold News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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