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They will NOT turn this cheat around — Ex-trojan Football player Owen Hanson gets sentenced to 21 years in Federal Prison, after he laundered money, ran an illegal gambling ring, and sold millions of dollars of cocaine, heroin, meth and other drugs, including steroids and human growth hormones TO HIS TROJAN TEAMMATES; Meanwhile, Pete Carroll’s team gets fined $100,000 for violating concussion protocol, potentially risking brain damage to Russell Wilson.  Of course, Carroll denies it.

u$c will never change, and trojan fans will never grasp or admit the culture of cheating that has DEFINED their school for decades upon decades.  Now there is new proof that the disgraced 2004 trojan Football team was indeed up to their eyeballs in illegal steroids, but their fans will Deny On nonetheless.

Former trojan Footballer Owen “O-Dog” Hanson pled guilty last week to Federal crimes involving Gambling, Money Laundering, and Dealing every illegal drug you can think of.  O-Dog was a Drug Kingpin, who made millions as a modern-day Southern Cal SCarface.  But the most interesting and relevant aspect of this story is this FACT that has evolved:  Hanson sold illegal performance-enhancing drugs to his trojan teammates.  So 13 years ago, when I was telling anyone who would listen (but no one listened) that the trojans were all juiced up during the Pete Carroll Era, I was correct, and now I have even more validation, in the form of official court documentation.  The report says that he was supplying the team with Steroids AND Human Growth Hormones.  One look at Brian Cushing was all you needed to know this, but now, you must concede that the cheating was much more prevalent than just one roided-out freak.

And speaking of Cheaty Petey, his SCumbag practices have not changed a bit.  In fact, now he is risking brain damage to his players, just to win a freaking Football game.  And in vintage Carroll style, he refuses to admit it, even after being caught red-handed.  During a game this season, Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson took a wicked hit, and the medical expert on the sideline just for this very purpose, instructed Seattle to conduct a concussion exam on Wilson.  But the Seahawks did NOT follow the protocol, instead re-inserting Wilson right back into the game, without the required evaluation.  Obviously, this put Wilson at severe risk of permanent brain damage.  You would think someone with trojan ties like Carroll would be aware of Junior Seau’s concussion-related suicide, and be a little more careful.  But NO, Carroll is all about “Win at all costs,” so who cares if Wilson becomes a vegetable, as long as the Seahawks get a W.

Seattle agreed to pay the $100,000 fine, BUT… as trojans always do, they DENIED culpability.  They said that they were just confused on the sidelines, and did not INTENTIONALLY defy the doctor’s orders.  What a load of crap.  Wilson is NOT the person in that organization who deserves a devastating and career-ending injury.  In fact, this act of ignoring medical urgency should be considered CRIMINAL, akin to attempted manslaughter, and Carroll should be thrown in jail with O-Dog Hanson for a couple of decades.

"THE CHEAT GOES ON" was published on December 23rd, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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