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Quiet the Riot in Hamlets across the Nation — While I totally understand the anger and respect the legitimate fear, I suspect that there may be more productive ways to express these feelings, and channel them against specific policies that may change Americans’ way of life

 To protest, or not to protest – that is the question.

Once again, I find myself apologizing for touching on a subject that resides in the political realm.  But it is all anyone is talking about right now, and I feel like I can broach the subject without alienating either side.  Sure I would much rather talk about Sports stories that affect UCLA or our rival, like the Bruins’ stellar Basketball recruiting class just signed for 2017, or the Football Utes killing the Sun Devils to keep u$c one step further from a South Division Title.  But with violence in our streets, and people blocking our freeways, I thought I would just say a few words about the protest situation.

To repeat:  I fully appreciate the REASON why people have taken to the streets.  I feel horrible for all my friends from the LGBTQ community.  I work in the Film Industry, which would grind to a complete halt without the contributions of members of that community (meaning I do have lots of very upset friends).  I also feel for all my Latino friends, Muslim friends, and all other immigrants, who are experiencing severe anxiety over impending changes, not to mention over all the hate crimes that appear to be proliferating across the Country.  And I also feel a bond with all the people of the Jewish faith (talk about Hollywood grinding to a halt), as images of Swastikas and the KKK are popping up all over.

THAT BEING SAID — The election is over, and no amount of protesting is going to change the result.  Do protesters want a recount?  The popular vote did not control the Electoral College vote, and that outcome is final.  Yes, I read that the actual Electoral College voters may go against the mandate and vote for the candidate NOT indicated by the voters of their region, but that possibility is considered the most extreme of all longshots, which has never really happened before in history, in terms of overturning an election.  So, my advice is to accept the outcome.  I understand the pain.  I have accepted UCLA losses to troy when horrible calls from a RIGGED system made the results truly unbearable, forcing me to face a year of torture from my immediate environment.  Of course, I wasn’t banned from my Country, or banned from marrying who I want, or banned from controlling my reproductive rights, so I don’t mean to EQUATE the situations.  All I’m saying is that sometimes you can’t go back in time to change the past, so you have to channel your frustration into action that can have positive impact on the future.

So instead of protesting the election results, these powerful forces should start working on specific causes about which they care the most.  If it’s about The Wall, start an organization that garners and coalesces support against it, and then lobby politicians to fight its erection.  If it’s about Mike Pence’s Conversion Therapy, form a group that can build a “machine” to educate the public, and explain science to the unenlightened.  And if it’s about Climate Change, do the exact same thing.

All I’m saying is there seems to be better ways to expend all this energy and emotion, that doesn’t involve burning cars, looting small businesses, and annoying motorists by illegally and dangerously blocking the 101 Freeway.

Even if I support their causes, if they stranded me on the Freeway for 3 hours, I would turn against them in a hurry, especially if I were late for a chance to mingle and photograph the illustrious UCLA Spirit Squad.  Below are the last 67 photos from the game against the Utes, as we get ready for the Beavers on Saturday.

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