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Master Debaters –  The Presidential candidates argued last night over some of the qualities needed to run the Country, and a couple of those traits are also essential to the success of a UCLA Cheerleader

I try not to get too political on this website.  I think the majority of my readers are liberal-leaning, but I know that I have at least SOME readers from the other side of the aisle (I’m talking to YOU, Rob C.), and I don’t want to offend or alienate any of my Bruin brethren.  So I will just make a couple of quick observations, without trying to peddle any influence over your voting decision.

First of all, I WILL urge you to do one thing, and that is, TO VOTE.  Please take part in the process.  The more educated people who vote, the better the result will be.  And, if you participate, you will feel better about yourself, and more vested in the Country’s success.  Everyone should vote, unless you are completely ignorant to all of the issues of the day.

Secondly — A lot of people are fixating on fact-checking.  I understand that one of the candidates tends to phrase things that appear to contradict previous tweets, or are not in line with the accepted consensus of reality.  But I also accept that no politician is entirely honest, and it is their job to “spin” things to win support and approval.  So the “lies” don’t bother me as much as other things.  I would be more concerned about a Racist slant, or a pattern of disrespect toward women.

Now before you think that I am piling on one particular candidate, I will say that I was somewhat swayed and wooed by the idea of fixing our International Trade agreements, and penalizing/taxing companies who leave the U.S. to make products abroad, then come back and sell those products to us, all while taking the jobs away.  It seems fine to me, this concept of trying to address that via taxes, tax-breaks, or other incentives.  I realize that it would take Congress to fall into line on this and that that may not be realistic.  But I am just saying that ordinary people could be won over by this line of thinking, and I don’t blame them.  California had a tax-incentive for movie studios, to produce stuff here instead of in other places (like Georgia and Vancouver, who offered great deals), and I believe it worked.  The U.S. should look into similar plans for other industries.  I hope that if he loses, his perspective on these issues will still have some influence on the new administration, when it comes to negotiating deals.

OK, enough politics.  Let’s get on with the real campaign:  To show the World that UCLA still reigns supreme when it comes to Spirit Squads.  Here are another 72 shots from Saturday.  By the way, I have another 159 ready to go, that I’d like to share before the next game, which happens to be this Saturday.  So keep checking back for new posts.

P.S.  I love to receive comments on this site.  However, this is not really the place for full-blown political debate, so please refrain from sending me any harsh partisan comments that are vicious towards a candidate or a political party.  There are plenty of other places to do that.  If you MUST take issue with my benign comments, go ahead.  But I’d prefer you send me comments about how beautiful the Bruin Cheerleaders are, or about how good my photography is, or about how bad UCLA’s play calling is.  Thanks.


"TEMPERMENT AND STAMINA" was published on September 27th, 2016 and is listed in Non-Rivalry News, UCLA/usc/Cheerleader Photos.

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  1. Rick wrote,

    OK, the Bruin Cheerleaders are great; your photography is very good; and the play calling is poor–while it improved in the latest game (it had nowhere to go but up), there were still a few unbelievably poor calls, not the least of which was the end of game attempt to hit Walker on a fly while Stanford was in a prevent/zone (a good free safety will always foil that) when all we needed was @20 yards to get into FG range!
    As for the politics, I would only add that as we live in a Democracy, the President is in fact an EMPLOYEE of the people, and one candidate seems uniquely ill-suited for that…

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