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Suspended animation — Despite the six players suspended from the Opening Day game, Bruin fans are still animated about the dawning of The Chip Kelly Era

It’s hard to believe that 6 kids on the UCLA Football team would jeopardize their careers and their teammates by breaking rules so badly as to earn suspensions.  But that is exactly what has happened.  You would think they would be so compliant, due to the excitement of playing for a proven winner like Chip Kelly.  But college-aged kids do not always show good judgment, and are infamous for making bad, reckless decisions, so now the Bruins are down six bodies for the Cincinnati game this Saturday.

The exact rule that was broken is unknown, with many assuming it’s marijuana.  That’s an interesting situation, since marijuana is now legal here in California.  You might feel like these young adults should have the freedom to smoke a little legal grass, to relax in their off time.  But Chip Kelly takes health and fitness very seriously, including strength, conditioning, and nutrition.  Pot is arguably a deterrent to those goals — as well as to sound decision making — so it would be understandable if it is forbidden.  Also, it may still be forbidden by the Pac-12 or NCAA, since it is still on a Federal list of no-no’s.  Anyway, we DON’T KNOW if weed is the reason for the suspensions, so this is all just idle speculation anyway.

Let’s jut hope that these six players — most famously Soso Jamabo — learn from this punishment, and don’t re-offend.  The Bruins will need every hand on deck to compete in the Pac-12 this year.

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