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Chow on this, trOJans!

Why wait until Football Season?

Now is the time to start showing your school pride.  Have the faith to make a statement to all the trojans out there, who now realize that they are up against a powerhouse combination of Coaches.

As a true blue Bruin fan, you are supposed to wear blue when you attend UCLA Sporting events, and this t-shirt certainly qualifies.  And when your Fig Tech-fan co-workers or classmates see it, they are the ones that will be feeling blue.  And once the Neu Era gets rolling, sc fans will be doing nothing but singing the blues.



O.J. Mayo’s Head Coach and personal Fall Guy Tim Floyd is asking to take the rap for O.J. in the newest trOJan SCandal.  Mayo attended the Laker/Nugget game earlier this week, getting Courtside seats from Denver’s Carmelo Anthony.  Anthony, as a member of the Nuggets’ Organization, is  forbidden to give tickets to NCAA players, by very clear NCAA rules.  But possibly just covering up Mayo’s blatant disregard for the rules, Floyd now CLAIMS that HE told Mayo that it was okay.

Now why would Floyd tell Mayo to break NCAA Rules?  Do you really think that he was unaware of the rule??  Coaches have to pass tests on these rules, so Floyd’s Ignorance Act doesn’t fly with us.  We find it MUCH MORE LIKELY that Mayo did something he knew was wrong, without Floyd’s knowledge (when has Mayo EVER asked permission for ANYTHING?) but Floyd jumped in front of the bus anyway.

If the NCAA finds Floyd’s story to be a bunch of bullcrap, then Mayo will be forced to donate the cost of the tickets to charity.  The FACE value was $460 (for the pair), but STREET value is about Two Grand.  Either way, what kind of punishment is that?  And where is he going to get the money to give to the Charity?  Oh yeah, we forgot that he’s been cashing paychecks all season long, if Reggie Bush is any indication of how sc keeps their stars happy.

He should be suspended for at least one game, and Floyd should be put on a lie detector.  The NCAA is investigating the incident, which means that now 87% of their entire workforce is assigned to usc in some capacity.  Do you think that they even see a pattern?

LACK OF INSTITUTIONAL CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If anyone would like to help us out, please post these photos on the UCLA Message Boards out there.  For us to do it ourselves is not appropriate, so we need your help to turn the Southland Blue.  Thanks.

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