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Scumbag Trojan Linebacker Jabari Ruffin gets ejected for intentionally stomping on an opponent’s penis

It’s still the first half of the u$c-Alabama game, and the trojans are now missing THREE players.  Two of them were suspended due to accusations that they drugged, raped, and sodomized a girl, and then sent video of the incident to the girl’s ex-boyfriend.  And now troy is also missing Linebacker Jabari Ruffin, who just got thrown out of the game for a flagrant personal foul.  And it doesn’t get any more personal than this…

After a play had ended, with an Alabama player lying on the ground, Ruffin stood over him, and then intentionally took his cleat, and stomped down hard, right on the guy’s junk.  There was an Official standing right next to the incident, so he immediately threw a flag, and Ruffin was disqualified.  On the next play, with sc backed up due to the penalty, the Tide snagged a Pick Six, making the score 17-3 Alabama.

Stomp On!  Rape On!  Sodomize On!  It is no coincidence that these things keep happening at u$c.  They recruit thugs, they cultivate a sense of entitlement, and convince the players that they are above the law.  At least for the rest of tonight’s game, southern cal will be missing two (alleged) Rapists, and one C*ck-stomper.  Of course, they will all be “cleared” and suited up ready to go when the Rivalry Game comes around, just like the lying sleazeball Josh Shaw was.

"RUFFIN THE DICK" was published on September 3rd, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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