Love Thigh Neighbor

The R-N-D Speedwagon is losing passengers, as Bruin fans might not Keep On Loving UCLA’s Coaching Dream Team

**Rome wasn’t built in a day.

**It’s always darkest before the dawn.

**Patience is a virtue.

**The waiting is the hardest part.

**Yada, yada, yada — All I know is that it is almost unbearable watching the banged-up Bruins limp through a painful season.  Of course, if you’re a die-hard Bruin fan, you have NO CHOICE but to keep on watching.  It wasn’t the die-hards leaving the Rose Bowl with 10 minutes to go in a 2-possession game.

It is starting to look like the Bruins will have the kind of year that separates the true fans from the posers.  The Stadium was not crowded on Saturday, and NEXT Saturday, there may be more Red than Blue as the Fresno trailers mosey into town, turning Pasadena into the set of “My Name is Earl” for a day.

So the message is clear — If the 13 photos below mean ANYTHING to you, don’t sell your tickets to a RED-neck… unless it’s Jamie Presley.

 The highlight of the day?  When the Dance Team came around to our section.

….but the Pre-game rallies bring you even closer.

Holy Toledo!  Fresno State beat Toldeo yesterday, 55-54 in 2 OT’s.  UCLA may not score 55 points all year long!

At least as just FANS, we don’t have to keep smiling while we’re getting killed.

Things really COULD turn around, ya know.

Now THAT’S what I call a tremendous GOAL LINE STAND.

The best part of this season is the Bruins’ Kicking game.

Taking you back to your Happy Place.









7 responses to “RIDING THE STORM OUT”

  1. BW Avatar

    My neck got torched by the sun yesterday but I sure won’t be selling my tickets to the “real rednecks” this coming Saturday. As a matter of fact if I had to sell my tickets the buyers better be bleeding blue and gold. Having said that I still don’t understand why there were some Wildcats fans in our Gold sections.

    13 pictures are not enough to ease our pain. Please post more…

  2. Robert Avatar

    Thank you T-H after Saturday’s game, I feel alot better seeing these awesome shots of the most beautiful cheerleaders in our solar system. They all look incredible, everyone of them is just glowing with something, I can’t pin-point it right now. I love them all, but KATIE will always be my favorite ;p

  3. BW Avatar

    One scholarship just opened up for SUC. Thanks to 4 years conviction of Maurice Simmons. Wow…a trojiee actually will spend time at the pen, imagine that. Could it be that spoilt juice is next?

  4. John Avatar

    At least we have the best Dance Team.

  5. Rick Avatar

    As soon as I saw the Thursday Times sports section’s article “Trojans want to ace exam in history,” I knew that they were going to lose: when’s the last time a Trojan football player aced an exam?

    Go Bruins!

  6. Sprmcandy Avatar

    Gorgeous girls.