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The bigger the Cushing the better the (drug) pushing — Ex-trojan and repeat offender Brian Cushing of the Houston Texans has been suspended from the NFL for the second time — this time for TEN games — for taking performance-enhancing drugs again

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Why is he even allowed on the field?  Ever?  This guy has stuck more needles in his ass than Keith Richards and Sid Vicious combined have stuck in their arms.

Brian Cushing looked like a roided-out freak 8 years ago at u$c, when the trojans were swimming in accusations of steroid abuse.  Cushing’s before-and-after pics made it so blatantly obvious that you would have sworn they were Photoshopped (but they weren’t).  This guy went from skinny little overachiever to monstrous hulk practically overnight, and everyone outside of Figueroa Tech knew why.  This was back in the Pete Carroll era where if you weren’t cheating, you weren’t trying.  This was the time when Dr. Ting the Steroid King was an integral part of the trojan football factory, and his sons, the Ting Brothers were on the team.  One of THEM tested positive for steroids before both brothers quit the team.

Only a blind monkey or a trojan fan could look at Cushing and not know the truth.  In fact, trojan fans did know the truth, and they applauded it.  And they weren’t the only ones loving juiced-up athletes.  In Baseball, ex-trojan Mark McGwire was setting bullshit records while juiced up to his eyeballs, but some voters still wanted to put him into the Hall of Fame.  What a joke.  But even worse, after Cushing undeservedly won NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year while on HGH (Human Growth Hormone) the whole season, and being caught and suspended for 4 games, AP voters knew, and still gave him the award.  Idiots.

So it has been proven that Cushing is a cheater and a drug abuser.  Not even he, nor his family, nor his trojan family can deny it.  And that was before the news this week, that Cushing has been busted AGAIN.  This time, he has been suspended for TEN games, because he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs.  Why only ten games?  Can’t the League see that he has been doing it for his entire career, and will never stop?  Without the drugs, he would wither up, or shrink down to his normal size, and be totally ineffective in the NFL.  He’s a Houston Texan, but —> he’s all hat, no cattle.

This suspension will cost Cushing at least $4 million.  But he has no choice.  Take the drugs or retire.  He simply cannot play without them.  Never could, never will.  This time, Cushing won’t even appeal the charges.  He will just apologize, wait ten weeks, offer up a blood sample, then start furiously injecting again… or swallowing pills, or whatever way he ingests the drugs that make him who he is.  Why don’t they blood test him before EVERY game??

Why is he given more chances?  Just like Marinovich:  Enough is enough.  What does he have to do to earn a lifetime ban, beat up a woman?  Oh wait, that doesn’t seem to bother the NFL powers-that-be either.  SMH.

"PIN CUSHING" was published on September 13th, 2017 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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