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Flaming Out, with the worst O.C. in the galaxy — UCLA’s Football season comes to a merciful end, as they avoid a possible Bowl invite with a pathetic 36-10 choke job against lowly Cal, rife with about 20 Bruin penalties, pass drops, and Interception drops

POLAMALU ES MUY MALO.  And if Jim Mora disagrees, he should take Polamalu, and go coach somewhere else.  ANYWHERE else.  The Cal Golden Bears have one of the worst Defenses in the Country, recently allowing an average of 27 points in just the FIRST HALF of games.  Bruin Offensive Coordinator (and ex-trojan) Kennedy Polamalu’s scheme netted exactly ZERO points in this first half.  Even with a mediocre QB and all the dropped passes, there is absolutely no excuse for a game plan that gets shut out for a whole half by a horribly porous Defense like Cal’s, and manages only 10 points for the game.

UCLA sucked in almost every facet of this 36-10 loss, except Red Zone Defense.  The Bruins forced Cal to kick FIVE Field Goals.  But the Defense was pretty bad on the other 80 yards of the field, due not in small part to multiple penalties that gifted first downs to the Bears, and at least 4 dropped Interceptions.  Of course, Cal has a very prolific Offense, so the Bruin Defense has an excuse for giving up 36 points.  But the Bruin Offense doesn’t have a valid excuse for scoring only 10.

If the ex-trojan is still the Bruin O.C. at the start of next year, I just might hang up my laptop, and stop reporting on the games.  I would still attend every home game, still root for the Blue and Gold, and probably still take and post Cheer photos, but I might do a blog-boycott of a Polamalu-infused team.

A big change NEEDS to happen, or else.

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"PHONING IT IN, WITH A GALAXY 7" was published on November 26th, 2016 and is listed in Blue & Gold News.

Comments on "PHONING IT IN, WITH A GALAXY 7": 3 Comments

  1. Chuck Findley wrote,

    Trojan Hater!

    Elation at the frustration of the U$C scumbags! Go Buffs Go! Every Bruin should be thanking Colorado for keeping USC out of the PAC 12 Championship game! I am especially grateful because I live close to Levi Stadium and now I will not have to suffer the fetid stench of USC so close by!
    Now,the Trojans can accept a bid to the KY Jelly Bowl and afterward return to Hell, or South Central LA ( close enough) and be out of our hair for awhile.
    The enemy of our enemy is our friend! Go Buffs Go!

  2. Chuck Findley wrote,

    Trojan Hater!

    As an idiot savant of college football coaches, sadly, I say it is time for Mora to go. I have seen him go insane too many times on the sidelines, drive off Norm Chow (why?) and get rid of his defensive coordinator.
    It is only a matter of time…
    Les Miles is out there, Charlie Strong, Kelly from Notre Dame or even Tedford…
    Mora doesn’t have the stones to get it done.

  3. UCLADal wrote,

    It has truly been a season from hell. Thankfully it is over. Time to just chill and not sweat Bruin football until next season.

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