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Just ‘Cause — Today starts a tidal wave of Cheer photos from the 11/24/17 Cal game, as we celebrate the disgraced former u$c Dean of Medicine being stripped of his license to practice medicine

The medical patients of California just caught a huge break:  In 30 days, Dr. Carmen Puliafito will no longer be allowed to practice medicine in the State of California.  The former Dean of the u$c Keck School of Medicine just had his license stripped by the Medical Board of California.  The agency’s main reason:  Puliafito’s “appalling lack of judgment.”

Puliafito is the trojan who was exposed by an L.A. Times investigation, which uncovered drug use including heroin and METH, and prostitution, as staples of his personal life.  Allegedly, he smoked meth just hours before seeing patients, and he gave hard drugs to hookers and to UNDERAGE users.  Some of this decadence with drug addicts and criminals occurred ON Southern Cal’s own campus.

OF COURSE, Puliafito is NOT TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY for his repugnant behavior, which is typical for trOJans.  According to the Board, he is still making bogus excuses, and not showing proper remorse.  His current attitude demonstrates to them that he is NOT FIT to treat patients any more.  Was he ever??  At least now, Justice is finally being served.

Speaking of justice, it was highly UNJUST that I was so busy working (on my real job) last Fall, that I had hundreds of UCLA Spirit Squad photos that I never had time to edit and post.  So I am correcting that starting today.  Here are 56 more photos (with about 300 more to come) from the November 24th Cal game.

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