Once you go SCum, you can’t be our chum

KNJ = Ketchup Now, Jiveturkeys!

TraitorNation — If Benedict Norton is poached and scrambles back sunny side up, he’ll have more eggsplaining to do than Lucy Ricardo getting caught by Ricky in a menage a Mertz 

WE are THIS CLOSE to calling for an all-out boycott.  We are also very close to PULLING THE PLUG ON THIS WEBSITE… if Rick Neuheisel hires Ken Norton Jr. to come back to UCLA.

We wish there was a way that we could let Neuheisel know that there are a lot of Bruin fans out there who cannot and will not forgive Norton for choosing to be a trOJan.  He has 3 Super Bowl Rings — He could have coached at a lot of OTHER places.  But he chose to endorse a School with no Class and few Classes besides Ballroom Dancing for its so-called student-athletes, KNOWING that it would crush all his Bruin supporters.

That is bad enough for us, but for YOU, you need to know that Norton went out on the Recruiting Trail and badmouthed UCLA in disgustingly derogatory terms.  The trOJan faithful use Norton as the Poster Boy for their idiotic slogan that you’re a Bruin for 4 years, but a trOJan for life.  Well, Norton can STAY at sc, and keep being a trOJan for life.  The Bruins already have a great Linebackers Coach — Why would they even want an unproven, classless, disloyal one, who couldn’t give a FLYING F*CK how hundreds of thousands of UCLA fans might be effected by his repugnant actions of hate?

What’s the point of having a website that celebrates the monumental importance of The Rivalry, if the Head Coach sees fit to hire someone who committed treason?

If you like our Cheerleader picks, and you don’t want to see them disappear forever, you better tell Neuheisel NOT to hire any evil back-STABBERS.   After all, if you’re gonna bring in a horse’s ass, why not just get the whole horse?

If you want Norton, do you want Traveler too?  He could be UCLA’s Asst. Mascot.


6 responses to “Once you go SCum, you can’t be our chum”

  1. George G Avatar

    Didn’t Rick Neuheisel go to SCum school after he graduated from UCLA?

  2. t-h Avatar

    Yes, George, he did, and it does NOT make us happy. We are assuming that he got turned down by UCLA Law, and sc law was the biggest, closest, Second Choice. It still sucks, and we DON’T forgive him for that piss-poor choice. HOWEVER, going to grad school there isn’t NEARLY AS BAD as going to work for their Football or Basketball teams, and competing directly AGAINST UCLA. Norton also made it worse than that, by denigrating UCLA to everyone who would listen.

    Maybe we should hope that Rick DOES hire Ken, and then they both go down in a blaze of infractions and penalties, but that’s not our style. If Ken returns, we will give him a chance to renounce all his evil-doing, and apologize for his psychotic ramblings. Once he gets back on his meds, maybe we’d consider allowing him to come back without protest…but that is highly unlikely.

  3. Rick Avatar

    Still trying to get over that Mertz “Pigs-in-a-blanket” visual (thanks for THAT),but,
    you have piqued my curiosity. If you hate Norton that much, he must have said some pretty awful things,and you must be pretty confident in your sources. Wanna back you on this if it’s all true, but need more details: What did he say,e.g., and to whom; and who–or at least how reputable are–the sources?
    Need more information before I (permanently) throw Ken on the Barbie…

  4. t-h Avatar


    Nothing HERE is ever truly documented or carved in stone — After all, we’re not Fox News(!). But you must have missed the details written here in the first Norton-bash of the sequence. Like we said, none of this is first-hand info, so take it for what it’s worth: Apparently, Brian Price, the Bruins’ stellar Freshman Defensive Tackle, was already UCLA-bound when Norton sent a limo to the Price house and virtually had the family kidnapped and brought to him at sc. In another theft attempt, Norton and Carroll allegedly went to their house and Norton said something to effect of UCLA being a joke, and that no one can get to the NFL by playing there. Then they accused Price of being a Pussy for not wanting to compete for playing time at sc. Price’s Parents took offense at this character assassination, and literally threw the SCumbags out of their house.

    This story, which is pretty much common knowledge amongst the die-hard Internet Bruin fans, and pretty much supported by Brian Dohn’s blog in the Daily News, based on quotes from the Price family. And if you think that this was an isolated incident, you’re more naive than… well, there’s no need to finish that analogy, because there is no way that you could think that.

  5. Brent Avatar

    You want us to complain to Rick however you never included an email or office number that would be ever so helpfully 😉

  6. t-h Avatar

    Dear Brent —

    You are very observant. We sort of meant that we wanted people to sound off HERE and on all the message boards. It might seem like a joke, but the “Internet Buzz” IS INDEED noticeable. The anti-Karl underswell was definitely felt by the Administration. We didn’t really want to inundate RN’s personal e-mail box, because we don’t want him to be pestered and slowed down in his work, but we thought that if Brian Dohn or someone like that caught wind of lots and lots of Bruin fans voicing their objections to Traitor Norton, then maybe the fan anger would have to be considered.

    Unfortunately, we are not seeing much support. Too bad, but we’ll save a shipload of time, not having to organize and upload photos any more. Maybe someone else, who likes Norton, will take over the abandoned web site address.