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… APRIL FOOLS!  Never, never, never would this ever happen.  Bruin pics at the end of this article should comfort you, if you were momentarily shaken

Happy April 1st, everyone.  I know this headline is far-fetched, but since I don’t think I’ve ever done an April Fool’s Day prank in the 13 years of this site, I thought I just might catch someone, and force a double-take or two.  But no worries, I’m a Bruin for Life.  Besides, if you completely remove school loyalty from the equation, I’m still going to deliver to my readers who like beautiful cheerleader photos the BEST.  Why would I DOWNGRADE from the Elite A Team to share instead photos of the B Team?

In the Sports World this week, UCLA Superstar Junior Aaron Holiday announced that he will forego his Senior Season and declare for the NBA Draft now.  This announcement came as a shock to no one, as Holiday was the second-best player in the entire conference this season, and has nothing left to prove.  Another year would probably NOT raise his stature for the Draft.  Also, Holiday is reportedly just a few classes away from graduating.  So good luck to Aaron.  I hope he has a long and productive career in The League.

Bruin Freshman Jaylen Hands also made a proclamation:  He will explore the Draft but not hire an agent, so he will still be eligible to come back for his Sophomore year in Westwood.  The common perception is that he will find out that he is not yet Draft material, so he is likely to return to the Bruins.  Meanwhile, fellow Freshman Kris Wilkes has not made public his impending decision about his plans for next year.

IF Hands and Wilkes return, the Bruins will be serious contenders next year, and could even be Top Ten material.  You might think by losing a play-in game this year and then losing their two most prolific players (Holiday and Thomas Welsh), that they would be far from relevant.  However, today, the Michigan Wolverines made it to the Championship Game.  This is the same team that the Bruins had down by 15 in the second half, IN ANN ARBOR, before allowing a miraculous comeback that resulted in a UM OT victory.  That means that the “lowly” Bruins are not that far away from competing with the Nation’s elite.  With a top-rated incoming recruiting class, there is reason for optimism for this coming year.

Speaking of optimism, here are 45 more never-before-seen photos of the always-optimistic UCLA Spirit Squad, taken at the UCLA-sc football game last year.  Lots more coming soon…

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