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Damsels in dis dress — Whether or not you are a fan of Under Armour’s new Football and Cheerleading uniforms that were unveiled on Sunday night, you’ve gotta admit:  These girls would look great even in suits of ACTUAL armour

Personally, I don’t have a super-strong opinion about Under Armour, or their new UCLA uniforms and apparel.  It’s kind of a mixed bag:  I like the more traditional shoulder stripes on the Football jerseys; I like the blue on the jersey;  I’m not that crazy about the new hue of the Football pants; I do NOT like the lighter shade of blue on the helmets (because the contrast is lower); I wish the ROAD uni’s had more blue and gold and less white;  I like that the UA deal brings in a lot of money for UCLA; I think the new Cheer outfits are fine, but I like the look of last year’s uni’s a little better, I think.  But it’s not that much of a difference, and I think I will get used to the new ones.

Sometimes when something is so iconic to me, I don’t like seeing variations.  Just like a great song.  I loved, let’s say for example, the studio version of “Stairway to Heaven.”  Then I heard the “LIVE” version, and I was not as pleased, because it differs from the studio version that was ingrained in my mind.  But the more I heard the Live version, the more okay I was with it.  So as far as the Spirit wardrobe, it’s the Heaven-ly Angels wearing it that help make it iconic and satisfying, and I’m guessing that with time, I will grow accustomed to the new versions, BECAUSE of the beauty and grace emanating from within.

On Sunday there was no pregame rally, due to fear of lightning, and then during the game, there was a cloud cover.  Due to this unfortunate confluence of events, I did not get the best-quality photos.  No close-ups, and the shots from afar were just not very crystal clear in resolution because of the paucity of direct sunlight.  Hopefully this Saturday will be better.  But in the meantime, here are 41 more Cheer shots from the A&M game, to see the uni’s and the girls who make them special.


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