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Nerve-us Time — Turns out Josh Rosen’s injury is a nerve problem in his shoulder, and it is still unknown when he will return to action

There has been a lot of speculation about why UCLA Starting Quarterback Josh Rosen hasn’t played in the last two games.  He took a beating on the field three games ago, and was twice removed from the game, with what looked like two distinct injuries.   But this week it was finally revealed that there is a nerve issue in his shoulder, and they will have to simply wait until the nerve recuperates.  Until then, Rosen cannot throw effectively, and is therefore relegated to emergency back-up to Mike Fafaul.

With Rosen missing action, the Bruins have lost three straight games, all by ONE touchdown or less.  Fafaul has done an admirable if flawed job in Rosen’s absence, but it is ludicrous to think that Rosen wouldn’t have been worth at least one additional TD to the Bruin Offense.  If you disagree with me, you got a lotta nerve.

Anyway, the season is pretty much toast now.  Sure I want to win every remaining game, but you could also say that I really only care about the outcome of ONE remaining game.  I am not a normal Bruin fan, obviously.  No average UCLA fan would sacrifice a game in order to gain an advantage in a future game.  But… I hope that Rosen’s return is strategically orchestrated to give UCLA their best chance to win the Rivalry Game.  Maybe let him rest longer than necessary, and bring him back the week before SC, just to knock off the rust.

I don’t know if ANY strategy will help at this point.  UCLA can’t run the ball even at full strength, and right now, not only is their only experienced QB injured, their top two Running Backs are also on the injury report.  Things look bleak in terms of winning back the Victory Bell.  Of course, we will have Home Field Advantage.  Plus, Rivalry Games are often influenced more by emotion than other games.  Sometimes, you can throw out the records, and throw out the stats, and ignore the pointspread, because anything can happen.  And if I’m Mora, I make sure that the players know that this game is basically THE WHOLE SEASON, and the only way they can feel AT ALL positive about anything this year.  Because it will take their best effort of the year, BY FAR, to BeatSC.

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Comments on "NERVE GASP": 2 Comments

  1. Frank Berger wrote,

    I haven’t seen this discussed. Maybe I’m nuts. Wasn’t Rosen’s injury caused essentially by a blow from behind to the neck/shoulder area as he was being chased out of the pocket? It was like a Karate chop. Is that even legal?

    [T-H’s Note: I don’t think there is a rule against it as long as you avoid the head, but I’m not positive.]

  2. JC wrote,

    Even with Rosen, they could not run the ball. What is wrong with the OL?

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