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Memphizzle — Deep down in the heart of Tennessee, the Bruins, who were missing several key starters, proceeded to miss several golden opportunities to beat Memphis, by missing 4 easy catches, missing open Receivers, missing tackles, and missing coverage on one main Tiger in 45-48 loss

Josh Rosen put up some unbelievable, Heisman-type numbers, but lost the game and the Heisman, with two BAD Interceptions, including a costly Pick 6, and an incompletion on 4th Down with a minute to go, when the Bruins were only 15 yards away from a game-tying Field Goal.  A loss to unranked Memphis, when they had two good opportunities to win, could easily lose Rosen any Heisman support he had.

So despite throwing for 463 yards and 4 TD’s, and rushing for another one, this was far from Rosen’s finest hour.  His turnovers were devastating, arising off of devastatingly bad decisions to throw.  The Bruins gained 633 Total Yards, and it wasn’t enough, thanks to the decimated Defense being unable to stop the Tigers.  Memphis gained 560 Total Yards, and QB Riley Ferguson (who?) threw SIX Touchdown passes.

A team with depth doesn’t ever have to blame losses on injuries, but the Bruins don’t have much depth — Not enough to survive the losses of superstar Jaelan Phillips, Jaleel Wadood, Josh Woods (half-game suspension), Boss Tagaloa, and their other superstar, Kenny Young.

So it’s hard to point a lot of fingers when the first string is barely on the field.  That being said, the gameplan should have adjusted to stop the one Tiger Receiver who was dicing up the D.  Anthony Miller caught 9 passes for 185 yards and 2 TD’s, and was still allowed to be open late in a game that had 6 lead changes and was still up for grabs in the final minute.

And even though the Offense was still missing Soso Jamabo and lost Nate Starks to injury, they were very prolific, however, they made a ton of mistakes as well.  Not only did Rosen essentially throw the game away (despite his awesome effort and heart throughout), but he was also the victim of at least FOUR DROPS of on-target passes.  The bright spots were Bolu Olorunfunmi gaining 77 yards on the ground, and Darren Andrews catching 10 passes for 175 yards and a TD.

The Bruins were down by 10 in the second half, but came back and took the lead, showing again that they have heart and never quit, but they allowed an 81-yard drive that gave the lead back to the Tigers.  Then Rosen had two drive chances left, but they ended with a bad turnover INT and a turnover on downs.

There goes the #25 National Ranking, and there goes fan support, and there goes the Heisman Hype, and there goes any confidence in this season being an unmitigated success.  Doesn’t mean we should stop rooting on the team, but if the Defense doesn’t get healthy quickly, I wouldn’t bet on the Bruins, or THE UNDERS, any time soon.

Anyway, here are 26 more UCLA Spirit Squad photos from the last home game, to help you digest this latest disappointment.

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