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Tar and Nikias — It took 500 angry Professors, 4,000 irate students, and most importantly, 21 lawsuits, but U$C President C.L. Max Nikias has finally been asked to step down from his post in disgrace, amid a SCandal that might cost the University hundreds of millions of dollars

Max Powerless.  The fish stinks from the head, and the head of the stinking University of Southern California has finally been chopped off.  Because the trojan illuminati don’t care about the students, it took a SCandal that will likely cost the school millions and millions of dollars before they could agree to oust the now-former President C.L. Max Nikias.

385 coeds called a hotline to testify that the school’s gynecologist basically molested them, but that wasn’t enough for the trojan machine to make a regime change.  Neither was the sex and drugs SCandal that occurred last year with their Dean of Medicine.  Neither was the apparent cover-up of these SCandals overseen by Nikias.  And of course, neither was all the cheating and corruption in the Athletic Department, like hiring a known alcoholic to run their Football team, and getting caught by the FBI, PAYING their Basketball recruits.  Nope, none of that led to a change.  Even after petitions with thousands of signatures from students and faculty were presented, the SC Board of Trustees was still standing behind Nikias, who is known for his prowess at FUNDRAISING, which is apparently the be all and end all at u$c.

But when the TWENTY-FIRST lawsuit against the University came in, over the Nightmare Gynecologist SCandal, the ax finally fell.  To reach these monsters, you have to speak their language.  They loved Nikias for trying to bury the SCandals, at the expense of hundreds of student-victims.  The IMAGE of the school was protected, and that was essential.  Then the lawsuits continued to pour in, and in light of Michigan State’s recent $500 Million settlement for similar circumstances, suddenly, the Board of Trustees finally woke up.  The image of the school is second only to their pocketbooks.  With all these pending lawsuits and eventual payouts sure to amount in the millions, they had no choice.

The SCumbag gynecologist STILL insists that he did nothing wrong, basically claiming that all 385 complaining students are lying.  I can’t wait to see what a judge and jury think of his claims, when hundreds of innocent victims contradict him with damning, first-hand, tearful testimony.  Perhaps some wealthy u$c alumni will circumvent that humiliating courtroom scene, by orchestrating a backroom settlement.

I hope all these victims are financially compensated for their immense pain and emotional scars, even though money will not make their eternal suffering go away.  But just like the 500 gymnasts who suffered at the hands of Dr. Larry Nassar in the MSU scandal, they will find a quantum of solace if the evil doctor — and the University that ENABLED his heinous behavior — are publicly held accountable.

And if that happens, perhaps u$c’s undeserved reputation as a quality institution of research and higher learning will be knocked back down to where it belongs.  At least the process has begun, now that President Nikias will STEP DOWN, from his post at u$c, a school that is definitely a STEP DOWN from all the actually respectable Universities out there.

"MAX MAKES TRACKS" was published on May 25th, 2018 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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