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Something to Cro about — After a day of tearful goodbyes in Cincinnati, Mick Cronin arrives in Westwood to revitalize UCLA Basketball

UCLA introduced new Head Basketball Coach Mick Cronin today, and it appears that the program is in good hands. The choice of Cronin checks all the right boxes: He does not have a sleazy past (like Calipari), he is known for tough teams that play tenacious D (unlike his predecessor), and he seems to have great respect for UCLA and the John Wooden Tradition.

I actually got to speak to Coach Cronin privately for about 5-10 minutes, and I am convinced that he understands our Rivalry with usc. I told him that beating sc isn’t a matter of life and death, it’s much more important than that. He told me that HE GETS IT, telling me about Cinci’s rivalry with Xavier. I told him we don’t hang Final Four banners here, but you have to win the CITY Title first.

Then we talked about winning THE RIGHT WAY, without getting your hands dirty. I told him I was so happy to have HIM instead of someone like Calipari, who has been caught breaking the rules on multiple occasions. Cronin told me that THIS IS UCLA, and we don’t NEED to break the rules in order to attract top talent and win Championships. Also, he’s not going to take any crap from his players. If THEY break the rules, they won’t play.

Cronin stressed in the Press Conference that his team will hustle, and will not lose games due to COACHABLE issues. Heart, toughness, and playing together — these are all COACHABLE qualities. He spells “fun” W-I-N. No one will complain if his teams aren’t the fastest-paced or highest-scoring as long as the team wins.

Cronin said all the right things. And he was approachable, patient, down-to-earth, and didn’t give me the bum’s rush brush-off. In an hour’s time, he won me over, and now has my full support. Good luck, Mick! Now here are 11 more photos from the event.

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