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No tips from Chip, cuz loose lips sink ‘ships — It has been confirmed that Chip Kelly’s Offensive wrinkles are coming, but are being kept under wraps at this point in time, so the most exciting action at the Spring Scrimmage was on the sidelines

Just in case a trojan scout or any other upcoming opponent was “spying” on UCLA’s **TELEVISED** Spring Scrimmage on Saturday, they got nothing.  Nada.  Bupkis.  A big goose egg.  A Kelly Deli Bagel.  UCLA refused to divulge any surprises that will be coming from Chip Kelly’s innovative Offensive mind.  No tricks were unveiled, and no misdirection was revealed.  Not even Kelly’s trademark FAST PACE was on display for any future foe to prepare against.

Looks like Chip is holding his cards close to his vest.  Either that, or five weeks was not enough time to install and perfect his system.  With the potential Starting QB not yet available (as an incoming Freshman and a Graduate Transfer have not suited up yet), we can’t be sure how far along the Bruins are in terms of deploying all the tools that Kelly’s mind brings to Westwood.

The on-field fireworks may have been limited, but the sidelines were still exhilarating, with a lot of the Spirit Squad on hand and in mid-season form.  With Cheer Auditions coming up in less than two weeks, the Scrimmage on Saturday may be the last time we see some of these gorgeous, talented student(-athletes).  So today I bring you about 45 more cheer/dance photos, with lots more still to come.  I will be filling up these next two weeks with dozens and dozens of shots, celebrating what has been an amazing year for the UCLA Spirit Squad.  Please enjoy these, and come back soon for a Chipload more…

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