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Love Hurts — After a hairy start that saw u$c up 3-0 on Alabama after one quarter, the Tide, behind Freshman QB Jalen Hurts and a stiffening defense, started to roll, and after a trojan got ejected for purposely stomping on a Bama player’s dingus, the Crimson Tide became the REAL ballbusters, erecting a 38-point run, and going on to castrate troy, 52-6.

So much for u$c being a contender.  All out of excuses and sanctions, except for their two players serving suspensions due to a Rape investigation, the trojans thought they could compete with the likes of #1 Alabama.  Well, they certainly did… for about 15 minutes.  Then the floodgates opened, and Alabama rained fire down on the clowns.  From the 2nd quarter on, it was complete and total domination, as troy’s qb’s looked like deer in the headlights, while Bama’s brand new QB Jalen Hurts — who didn’t even start — looked like Michael Vick in his prime, and made the trojans look like they got mauled by a pit bull.

Behind Hurts, Alabama amassed 465 yards, to sc’s paltry 194, about 90% of which came after they were down by 5 Touchdowns.  The Tide also got a pick six, right after sc Linebacker Jabari Ruffin got tossed for the ball-cleating.  It was so bad for sc, that their star Receiver Juju Smith didn’t even catch a ball until late in the 3rd quarter, AFTER the result of the game was already long decided.

SC’s Defense looked so good in the 1st quarter, but Alabama and OC Lane Kiffin must have made adjustments, because once they got going, they were an unstoppable juggernaut.  What is it with sc trying to defend dual-threat QB’s?  Brett Hundley shredded them, but stronger-armed Josh Rosen couldn’t.  Sc is so much better against pocket passers than dual-threats.  And this game showed that.  Alabama’s starter was less athletic, and he was ineffective.  Then they switched to athletic dynamo Hurts, and after he got over his first-play lost fumble, he destroyed and devoured the ketchup and mustard.  Does UCLA have a back-up to Rosen who is a dual threat?  The way UCLA failed to protect the pocket today, I am not confident that the Bruins will re-take the Victory Bell this year… unless sc has to suspend another 12 players for more Rape accusations.

"HURTS DONUT" was published on September 3rd, 2016 and is listed in News from the Dark Side.

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