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Gently down the street, merrily, Hillary, Donald T., scarily: (Wish this was a dream) — The election is today, which means the campaign is mercifully over.  So go vote for who you think will make the best President, and then go home and be able to finally read your Facebook timeline without learning which friends of yours are mentally defective

I have no political message to deliver.  I am not going to urge you to vote for one candidate over another.  Yes, I do have an opinion about who is the best (least terrible) choice, but I do not feel as strongly about it as most of you do.  With the government’s usual snail-pace and gridlock still in place, I don’t think things will really change as much as people fear.  I don’t think my life will be affected as much as you do.  Sure, I accept that there could be some very bad repercussions, but I’m not 100% sure that there will be.  So, since I’m not the least bit radical in my preference, I am not willing to alienate any of my fellow Bruin fans over it.

I’m sure you already have your mind made up anyway.  I doubt if anything written here would change that.  Plus, you must be sick and tired of reading everyone’s trite rhetoric and memes on Facebook by now.  Therefore, I WILL just urge you to do one thing:  VOTE.  Please go out and vote.  I think that perhaps this year, the more people that vote, the better the result will be.  Exercise your right to vote — That way you will feel more entitled to complain if your candidate doesn’t win, and the other candidate screws things up worse than they already are.

That’s not an attack on the current administration.  Like I said, I don’t want to go there, or piss anyone off.  Things are screwed up for me personally, and Saturday was one of the worst days of my life, and not just because sc trounced the Ducks.  So pardon my bitterness, and please don’t blow off voting today.  I think you can get free donuts or other swag if you get an “I Voted” sticker.  Of course, if THAT is the reason you vote, I’m not sure I want your vote counted.  🙂

Here’s one thing we all would vote FOR:  More UCLA Spirit Squad (and Spirit Squad ALUMNI) photos.  Below are 50 more from the Utah Homecoming game.  Enjoy.


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  1. UCLADal wrote,

    Your post was the best thing about Election Day T-H! Thanks! Always good to see the alums back too. UCLA has the classiest spirit squad hands down. GO BRUINS!

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